academic & professional COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT


Standing Order Programs

Ingram’s Standing Order service leads the way in flexibility and control. Users enjoy full transparency of their Standing Orders in OASIS®, our comprehensive collection development and ordering tool, where sophisticated technology drives the management of complex customer requirements. Our expert Standing Order team monitors each publisher and series to ensure every volume meets your requirements and delivers on time.


Firm Orders

Ingram proactively manages every stage of your order from maintaining current and accurate bibliographic data in OASIS to working closely with publishers and wholesale partners to guarantee your orders are delivered quickly and accurately.



In addition to print titles, our entire e-book collection available via MyiLibrary®, is visible in OASIS® making collection development and selections across the two formats quick and simple. Ingram offers public, academic, government, corporate, and professional libraries around the world access to more than 300,000 e-book titles available via MyiLibrary, our comprehensive e-book platform. We offer a full range of resources and purchasing options, from single-title acquisition, to publisher-specific subject collections and fully aggregated content collections from multiple publishers.


Downloadable E-books

Ingram also offers downloadable e-books via the MyiLibrary platform. Through this service users can borrow front-list MyiLibrary e-books along with many other popular titles for a predetermined lending period (set by you) and enjoy reading ‘on the go’ via personal e-readers.


Approval Plans

As e-books continue to evolve as an integral component of academic collections, Ingram understands the need to seamlessly link print and electronic titles, which is why we offer an integrated approval plan for both.


By working with academic library partners, Ingram offers a fully automated service that allows libraries to establish electronic and print format preferences by subject and publisher—even accounting for different release dates. This service provides a method to tie approval plans to patron selection programs. Everything is managed through OASIS which integrates print books with e-books on the MyiLibrary platform.


Patron Selection

Patron Selection is simple and risk free. Custom profiling ensures you only include titles you want to purchase—the final decision as to which ones you actually buy is made by your end users.


How does it work?

  • Develop a subject profile with our Collection Consultant
  • Use this profile to shortlist MyiLibrary e-books that meet your requirements
  • Remove titles you already own or don’t want to consider
  • Load titles into your catalog for your patrons to use
  • Free viewing on any e-book table of contents or book descriptions
  • First use of an e-book title does not trigger a purchase
  • No time or page-view limit on first use. First use is always FREE!




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