We offer a variety of e-commerce services for publishers that can help you sell more of your own books in more places without more effort.



Ingram manages one of the largest and perhaps the most comprehensive databases in the industry. Publishers and retailers, large and small, take advantage of our data to populate industry and customer-facing websites. In addition to data, we offer tools to help streamline publishers' internal processes through pubsource®. With the pubsource tool, your authorized sales representatives can have 24/7 access to your inventory, directly from ipage®. For more information about any of our data services, please contact us at



Are you getting the full benefit of consumers who are coming to your site to find out information about your books? Turn pageviews into revenue by selling physical books or digital books directly. Ingram will seamlessly integrate with your site to provide your customers with the same speed, security and reliable service they would expect anywhere else. Contact for more information.


Services Include

  • Pick, pack and ship services using your branding
  • Add millions of titles from our database to expand your offering
  • Same-day shipments for orders received by 10 a.m.
  • DRM-wrapped content for e-books
  • Managed file conversions for e-books
  • Sales reporting and payment management



Academic and educational publishers have the option to set up an online storefront for their e-books powered by VitalSource. Tap into over 2 million registered users already using e-textbooks in some capacity. Contact us at for more information.


Services Include

  • Digital Fulfillment through your Web store
  • Curriculum package solutions
  • Full VLE/LMS/CMS integration