If your business has evolved to the point where it makes sense for you to partner with a distributor, our full-service model is ideal for publishers who desire to have an exclusive relationship that includes a full suite of services, from sales and marketing to royalty reporting and inventory management. We are experts in all facets of account management.

Over 500 publishers have engaged with us to exclusively manage their physical and/or digital distribution. We can provide these services for you and much more--helping your business grow and thrive--while saving you from lots of overhead and distractions.


Creating and cultivating distribution strategies as the supply chain continually reinvents itself is no easy task. Ingram Publisher Services combines the power of Ingram's infrastructure and adds a sales and marketing component to give your titles specialized attention and the broadest possible access to customers around the world. Learn more>>



E-book distribution doesn't have to be difficult. With CoreSource Plus, we offer publishers a turn-key digital distribution solution that provides a seamless, secure way to execute a profitable digital strategy--allowing you reach more readers in more more markets without more effort. Learn more>> 





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