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June Buzz Pick: Golden Girl by Elin Hilderbrand

We’re thrilled to announce our June Buzz Pick: Golden Girl by Elin Hilderbrand! Stay with @IndieBookBuzz and Bookfinity all month long as we bring you an inside look at this satisfying page-turner, the 27th novel from “the queen of beach reads” (New York Magazine)  

Grow Your Audiobook Catalogue with DeepZen’s High-Quality AI Audiobook Production Service

Artificial Intelligence puts the smart into your smartphone, it helps choose what movies you see, and even who you date. It will soon be driving our cars, it already helps to perform complex medical diagnoses, and it makes most of the trades on Wall Street. And now, new AI voice technologies have the potential to transform the audiobook industry. 

9 Areas of Strength That Will Help You Drive Discovery and Sales Online


How Book Publishers Can Balance Paid and Organic Efforts on Amazon


How to Combat Book Piracy in the Publishing Landscape


COVID-19 and The Publishing Industry, Part 2: Tips to Optimize Books for Online Sales Success

Strategies and tactics to increase book sales now. 

COVID-19 and The Publishing Industry, Part 1: A Year in Review, Consumer Trends & Behaviors

How the pandemic changed the way books are discovered and purchased. 

How to Grow Your Online Book Sales Through Improved Amazon SEO and Keyword Advertising


6 Steps to Creating a High-Performing Facebook Ad


How Publishers can Increase Discovery and Sell-through this Holiday Season


What to Expect with Audiobooks: Part 3 (Audiobook Production Costs and Breaking Even)

The past two audio blog posts discussed the rising popularity of audiobooks and when a book should become an audiobook. If you are still thinking about taking that leap into audiobooks, then it is time to explore cost. Before you leap, do the work.  

5 Ways to Market Ebooks to Increase Sales (2020)

How to Capitalize on the Increase of Ebook Buyers Right Now
In a “mobile-first” world, people have access to content all the time. According to recent statistics gathered by Statista, ebook revenue has grown 12.4% YoY in 2020. However, the average revenue per user is expected to decline through 2024. 

What to Expect with Audiobooks: Part 2

Written by: Robin Erwin, Ingram's Digital Retail Sales Manager
FOMO is real, y'all. Fear of missing out on the boom of audiobooks, fear of missing out on a new audience, fear of missing out on sales. Anytime FOMO appears the best advice is to stop and ask yourself, are you really missing out? The audiobook boom is real. New reporting by the Audio Publishing Association and Edison Research shows the upward trend continues. Yet, the question remains: Does every book need to be audio? Or can every book be audio? 

How to Boost Your Online Title Sales Today with High Performing Book Descriptions (2020)

The Art and Science of Book Descriptions that Sell 

How Publishers Can Use Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter to Increase Discoverability and Title Sales

You’re aware the internet is full of algorithms, especially sites like Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter. But do you know exactly what social media algorithms are looking for? Do you know all the tactics to position your titles for success on social media? Publishers and book marketers need to know where algorithms are looking and what tactics you can use to most effectively grow your brand and reach the right audience. 

What to Expect with Audiobooks: Part 1


New Products: Jacketed Case, Groundwood, and Digital Cloth™

by IngramSpark Staff (@ingramspark)
Over the last few months, we've launched three exciting new product offerings: groundwood paper, Digital Cloth™, and Jacketed Case Laminate! Learn more about the new product options. 

What Book Publishers Need to Know About the Amazon Buy Box (2020)

Think back to when you were young. It was clear from an early age you were destined to own a restaurant. After years of saving and contemplation, you decide to pull the plug and buy a mobile coffee truck. You’ve assembled the coffee, equipment, and branding but now you must consider an important question: Where do you secure prime real estate to drive sales? 

Tips to Optimize Your Book Descriptions

By: Jake Handy (@jakehandy) and Margaret Harrison (@NerdInNashville)
(Excerpt from Metadata Essentials)
Your long and short book descriptions should be an accurate, compelling, and comprehensive guide to the inside of the book.
In this blog, we’ll provide best practices designed to optimize your descriptive copy, both for machines (e.g. Amazon, Google and other search engines) and humans (potential readers considering the book) in general search and at retail stores. 

Tips for Selling to Indie Bookstores

Selling online is essential for publishers. However, wouldn't it also be great to sell tons of books to direct customers, inside real bookstores? 

How Books Are Discovered Online

By: Jake Handy (@jakehandy) and Margaret Harrison (@NerdInNashville)   

Metadata for Books: The Current Landscape

By: Jake Handy (@jakehandy) and Margaret Harrison (@NerdInNashville)  

Successful Publishers’ Hat Trick

By Eric Johnson, Advanced Publishing LLC 
As a publisher, of all the different hats you wear, which is the most important? Sometimes the answer is dictated by circumstances. Any given day may bring technical, logistical, personnel, or client-relation challenges that demand your attention. In these situations, the most important one is the Problem Solver hat. Regardless the size of your publishing operation, this hat—aka the Buck Stops Here hat—will always have your name on it. It reveals your ability to identify what needs immediate attention, prioritize actions to deal with problems, and handle multiple challenges simultaneously. 

Marketing Insights Series: Expanding Your Reach

In our most recent post in this series, Develop Your Book Audience, we designed a guide to get you past the apprehension of  “My audience is all over the place” to a place of audience understanding and subsequent development that will help you build meaningful author, title, series, character, and publisher brands. A refined audience will generate engagement and direct relationships with readers and influencers, helping you build a strong brand recognition and ongoing consumer relationships. 

Books That Take Time

By: Pete Peterson, The Rabbit Room
Whenever we release a book, it’s easy, addictive even, to get caught up in checking its sales rankings or its Amazon reviews. And while those are good measures and necessary data, I’ve learned over time that they aren’t as immediately important as they seem. Books take time. 

Make Your Books More Discoverable with a Good Description & Author Bio

By Jake Handy, @jakehandy 

How to Use Facebook to Build a Community and Marketing Team

Written by: Kevin Watson, Press 53 Publisher
Social Media is crowded with users who all seem to be screaming for attention. Reading your own newsfeed is like reading the stock market ticker that scrolls across the bottom of your TV: you see a post, consider it for a moment, and then move to the next item. Paying $20 to promote a post will get your number of views up, but the results can be disappointing. Yet, Press 53 has found a way to use Facebook to build a community and, therefore, marketing team to help us sell more books.

Improve the Book Metadata that Matters

By Jake Handy,  @jakehandy
As the value of book discoverability metadata in the publishing industry becomes more known, it’s helpful to know exactly where authors and publishers are making the most mistakes. Thousands of new titles pass through Ingram’s metadata channels each and every day and each of these titles have dozens of metadata fields. It should be no question that the owners of all these titles should want to put out the very best metadata they can. 

Marketing Insights Series: Develop Your Book Audience

In our last post in this series, How to Build a Strong Book Marketing Foundation, we outlined a strategic approach to digital book marketing that begins with some core foundational elements – book metadata, author profiles, and publisher websites – to ensure you have all of the right groundwork in place for successful book marketing campaigns. Now you’re ready to start engaging with readers, building deeper relationships, and growing your online platform. 

Best Metadata Practices

Jennifer McCord and Aubrey White 

12 Days of Giving with BINC

Tis' the season for giving! 
With twinkling lights and snow covered streets, many are preparing for end-of-the-year festivities. Not only is this a time to prepare for future endeavors that lie before us in 2019, it is a season when people reach out to friends, family, and their community to give back. 

Preparing for a Future of Click-free Search Results

So, SEOers were looking at searches on desktop and mobile devices and clicks that led to business goals (or not). Tweak sites and repeat. That’s what we did. 

How to Use eBook Editions to Improve Metadata Offerings

by Dmitri Barvinok, Front Edge Publishing
Publishers know eBook editions are a vital part of a book release. What you may not know is that the metadata for your eBook editions can open a doorway to valuable options on, and other retailers. That’s especially true if your book has multiple contributors. 

Emerging Technologies and What Your Publishing Business Can Do About Them Today

By Taylor Hale, Customer Experience Manager
The pace of innovation these days is breathtaking. The lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 was about 60 years in 1960, now it’s just 12 years. The cost to launch a tech company in 2000 was $5,000,000, and now, thanks to cloud computing, it’s basically $0.(1) 

The Virtuous Circle of BOLT and Paid for Marketing Services

By Victor R. Volkman
This month mark’s the one-year anniversary of the Lightning Source (LS) Book Long Term (BOLT) program - a tiered, continuous sales ladder that replaces the old notion of quantity discounts that are limited to only today’s order. Like a lot/some of you, I didn’t know what to expect or how to really take advantage of incrementally increasing discounts across the sales year. Luckily, I also began experimenting with a new marketing service through a popular online retailer at the same time I signed us up as a BOLT publisher.  

Discovery and Conversion: Influencing the Consumer Path to Purchase

By Pete McCarthy, Director of Digital Services
In a digitally-connected world, book marketers will benefit by having a nuanced understanding of the many ways book buyers discover, discuss, compare, purchase, and otherwise engage with books and authors--everything that leads to a consumer finding and buying your book and what you can do to reach and influence them at each stage.  

Marketing Insights Series: How to Build a Strong Book Marketing Foundation

In the first part to this series we discussed what goes on behind the scenes of search, social media, and retail algorithms. We then touched on marketing tactics you can use to most effectively reach your audience on those platforms and ensure your content is providing value. 

Demystifying Book Distribution for Small to Mid-Sized Publishers

Written by: Bailey Davis, Publisher Engagement Manager (@baileydavis26)
Not all publishers are the same, nor are the means for getting their books to market in the most efficient and cost effective ways. As with most businesses that require some type of order fulfillment, when it comes to getting your book products to market, you need to match with a distribution method that best fits your business model. 

Marketing Insights Series: Book Marketing in the Era of Algorithms

There’s an online audience for every book. That’s a nice thought, right? If only connecting those booklovers with your content, the content they want and may not yet be aware of, was as simple as knowing they exist. 

Get To Know Copper Canyon Press

By Stephen Sparks, Little Infinite Editor
I ran through several drafts of an introduction this interview with Copper Canyon’s Joseph Bednarik, but finally came to the conclusion that the most effective way to present the forty-five year old nonprofit press was to provide a list of some of their authors. And so, before getting to Joseph’s answers below, consider that Copper Canyon, the best poetry publisher in the U.S. if not the world, has published the likes of Pablo Neruda, W.S. Merwin, Ocean Vuong, Adrienne Rich, C.D. Wright, Lucille Clifton, Octavio Paz, and hundreds more. 

Get To Know City Lights Books

For most, City Lights is synonymous with the Beat Generation, a bookstore that became a gathering spot for poets who have since entered the pantheon of post-war American literature. But in the sixty-five years since its modest beginning, City Lights has embraced an eclectic aesthetic, publishing a wide range of works that do not fit easily into any simple categorization. Stephen Sparks, Little Infinite’s editor, emailed Elaine Katzenberger, publisher and executive director of City Lights publishing program, to find out what the press looks for in its famed poetry series. 

Get To Know Fordham University Press

Established in 1907, Fordham University Press (FUP) is the seventh-oldest university press in the country, as well as the nation’s oldest Catholic university press. Today, Fordham University Press publishes ninety books a year and continues to uphold its prestigious reputation. They are known for producing award-winning studies in the fields of anthropology, classics, communications, cultural studies, gender studies, history, literary studies, philosophy, political theory, race and ethnicity, religion, sociology, theology, and urban studies with a particular emphasis on creatively interdisciplinary work. Not only does FUP publish two books of poetry through the Poets Out Loud prize a year, but they also have a long history of publishing books focusing on the New York region. 

5 Reasons To Focus On Your Book Cover

Your manuscript is finally done! The last letter has been typed! You need to get your book out ASAP, so there’s no time to waste putting your files together for printing. 

Get To Know Scribe Publications

Located in Melbourne and London, Scribe Publications is a multi-award-winning company that has operated as an independent trade-publishing house. They have provided narrative and literary nonfiction titles to readers around the country, including over 65 non-fiction and fiction titles annually in Australia, about 60 in the United Kingdom, and as of 2017, about 30 titles in the United States. Not only do they specialize in narrative and literary nonfiction titles, but they pride themselves on publishing the best local, international and translated fiction titles. For over 40 years, Scribe has been dedicated to providing readers with the best books. 

Get To Know Oceanview Publishing

Established in 2006, Oceanview Publishing was founded on the principles of excellence in independent publishing. They have provided mystery, thrillers, and suspense titles to readers around the country, which includes their best-selling title The Perfect Assassin by Ward Larsen. Known as one of the fastest growing independent publishers in the U.S., Oceanview Publishing’s titles have received many awards and nominations such as Independent Publishers Awards, Indie Excellence Awards, and ALA Book of the Year. These awards exemplify their dedication to works that create emotion, thrill, and chilling storylines.  

How to Protect Your Digital Content to Avoid Lost Sales

Before the digital age, piracy was a concern, but not a prominent one. At the time, theft of digital content required a high level of technical skill and the risk of illegally acquiring content wasn’t worth the financial consequences. While stolen content has been a fear, it has garnered more attention through the digital age.  

Are Your Books Reaching the World?

Do you have an inventory solution that allows you to respond to market developments and reversals while avoiding the expense of overstocking? Is your book reaching readers across the globe? If not, our Global Connect print on demand program might be the perfect solution for you. 

Get To Know Milkweed Editions

For 40 years, Milkweed Editions has been devoted to identifying, nurturing, and publishing transformative literature. They currently print more than 350 titles, which include Braiding Sweetgrass and the all-time bestseller Montana, 1984. Not only do they invest time into the editorial process, but they strive to build an engaged community around literature.  

Indie Author Day: Libraries and Authors

It is that time of year again! We are preparing for the 2nd annual indie authors celebration, and you should be too. For the second year in a row, libraries across North America will be hosting local events in celebration of indie authors. Indie Author Day brings more visibility to the significant growth of the self-publishing industry, independent authors, and to libraries as hubs for community engagement. We are looking forward to libraries and authors connecting locally and globally. 

​Print on Demand: Never Miss a Sale

In today’s society, consumers crave instant gratification. The tech industry has changed our perception on the distribution of services and products, and the internet has made these resources easily accessible. We have become accustomed to a type of lifestyle that allows us to fulfill our needs almost immediately. With technology becoming more advanced, it is vital to your sales and customer satisfaction to quickly fill readers’ orders before they find another source. 

Get To Know BenBella Books

BenBella Books, a publishing boutique, has provided readers with captivating titles for almost 16 years, bringing titles like Traction and The Blood of Patriots to book shelves. With fourteen New York Best Sellers, they are committed to their authors and pride themselves on building a creative marketing approach.  

The Pre-Sale Pro Tips You Need To Know

It’s coming!
Even if you have no idea what I’m talking about, those two words probably create an expectation, excitement, or interest. That’s the power of pre-selling your next book. Pre-selling can boost your sales, develop your audience, and increase the chance of reviews and buzz.

A Travel Guide For Your Summer Trips

Did you know that Labor Day is only 9 weekends away? Time for a summer vacation is quickly ending! Having trouble deciding between a trip to Italy or France? Maybe a quick visit to Colorado is more realistic? 

Get To Know Indiana University Press

For 67 years, Indiana University Press has provided titles that have left lasting impressions. Introducing books like Metamorphoses and Crow Killer  to our reading list, they pride themselves on being a leading academic publisher specializing in scholarly and trade titles. Join us in celebrating the impact that these titles have in the academic community. 

5 Ways to Market EBooks to Increase Sales

In a “mobile-first” world, people have access to content all the time. According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, 73% of Americans read a book within the last year, and 28% of the books were eBooks. Readers have realized the benefits offered by a digital book format resulting in a shift in e-reader adoption. 

Q&A with The New Press

The New Press has worked to broaden the audience for books on important social issues for 25 years, bringing titles like The New Jim Crow and this season’s Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women to the forefront. Join us in celebrating fearless books for perilous times.  



IngramSpark Honored At Authors Guild Awards

by IngramSpark Staff (@ingramspark)
In the past decade alone, opportunities to self-publish a book have become vast and plentiful. We’ve been incredibly blessed to play a role in the continued growth of the self-publishing industry, are happy to see it thriving, and are making efforts to continually push it forward every day. And while it’s wonderful to get props for our efforts, what drives us is helping people across the globe share their stories, dreams, and passions. 

New Inventory Solutions: How Agility Creates Profitability on Every Book Sale

A prima ballerina assoluta. A franchise football star. A humming bird. While each of these are worthy of “oohs and aahs” in their own ways, they all share a similar characteristic. Agility. The ability to respond to changes in their environments with speed and precision. Come a bit closer and we’ll let you in on a secret. 

A Brief Tour in Travel Guides

By Holly Hebert, Collection Development Librarian, and Wils Smithwick, Collection Development Administrator for Publishers.  

Distribution & Stocking Strategies: Traditional vs. Modern-Day

Huge inventories and massive warehousing costs are a thing of the past, or at least they should be. 

Highlighting the Taste for Irreverence

By Philip Wallace, Marketing Systems & Content Analyst
When we change our calendars from one year to another, there is a familiar ritual of undertaking self-improvement. I certainly don’t want to knock that idea, as I am a firm believer in aspiring to better myself in all the facets of life. Yet, I tend to find a particular sort of affirmation in hearing from voices who don’t necessarily have it all together and don’t mind letting their eccentricities shine a bit.  

Publishing in 21st Century

With digital you get more. But more of what? That’s the question, and the answer is up to you. All too often, going digital can mean more of what you don’t need. More data that you don’t know what to do with. More expense. More assets, formats and channels to manage. More reliance on Amazon. More hassle and more headache.  

Ingram Wire Christian Edition

Christian Content Manager Melissa and Lead Content Manager Gail are excited about the upcoming holiday season, and of course, the gifts that come in the form of books. Need a little inspiration for gifts this holiday season? Check out Mary Engelbreit’s A Night of Great Joy, a book for children ages 3-8 about the Christmas story with illustrations of kids from all over the world as they put on a Christmas pageant.  

Revisiting The Garden of Good and Evil

By Philip Wallace, Marketing Systems & Content Analyst

A couple of recent events prompted me to revisit my favorite book, John Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: A Savannah Story. First, a sad development, celebrated Savannah drag performer Lady Chablis passed away at the age of 59. Chablis figured prominently in Berendt’s 1994 nonfiction bestseller and went on to play herself in Clint Eastwood’s 1997 film adaptation. Secondly, a much more upbeat trigger, a colleague at work was preparing to visit Savannah for the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance trade show and wanted my advice on what to explore if she happened to have some free time. 

Spark-ing Conversations at Nashville Public Library

By: Emily Waltenbaugh, Public Information Officer, Nashville Public Library & Ryan Darrow, Special Collections Librarian, Nashville Public Library

The Special Collections division at Nashville Public Library (NPL) tells the story of Nashville. The mission of NPL Special Collections is to explore Nashville’s past, inspire conversation, and anticipate stories to come. A large part of that mission is the collection and preservation of oral histories, as with NPL’s Veterans History Project (VHP). NPL hired an author to transcribe and compile many of these histories collected from World War II veterans in 2003, to put them into context and to provide perspective. NPL Special Collections wanted a bound version of this inspiring collection, and IngramSpark provided the ideal platform. NPL Special Collections librarian Ryan Darrow discussed the experience with Ingram and the various ways NPL supports its writing community.  

Ingram Wire Current Events

This month’s video is brought to you by the Ingram Wire. Pat and Gail discuss books on current events they’ve enjoyed and are looking forward to: The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins, Unbroken Brain by Maia Szalavitz, The Games: A Global History of the Olympics by David Goldblatt, and The Fire This Time by Jesmyn Ward. 

Recap: Digital Learning Materials & University Presses

The demand for enhanced, interactive digital learning materials from the realm of higher education—students, teachers, and admins—is gaining more momentum every day. In our most recent #Built4UP (formerly #BuildUP) Twitter chat, Andy Cagle and Paget Hetherington from VitalSource discussed how their wide range of services can help university presses capitalize on the transition to digital course materials to achieve greater levels of success and sustainability.  

Paying Tribute to Reference Book Favorites

By Philip Wallace, Marketing Systems & Content Analyst

Trivial Pursuit first came on the scene during my 1980s teen existence, and I became obsessed with that board game over the next few years. It didn’t hurt that my little rural community shut down completely when it snowed, so that became a fun indoor leisure activity for my family to supplement Rook, Monopoly, and Scrabble. Yes, I know that qualifies me as the relic of a bygone era.  

How Can Your Data Be Delivered?

In a recent post, we talked about the benefits of book data and how it can help your bookstore increase sales, help new customers find you and allow you to communicate more effectively.  

CoreSource Distribution: It’s Not Just About the Retailers

CoreSource has now grown the number of available distribution channels past the 400 mark, and while the vast majority of our file and metadata distributions are to print and digital retailers, CoreSource has – somewhat quietly we’ll admit – been expanding its distributions to other business partners as well. 

Indie Author Day: Libraries + Indie Authors

For the first time ever, libraries across North America will be hosting local events in celebration of indie authors! We’re thrilled to be a part of this event as it brings more visibility to the significant growth of the self-publishing industry, independent authors, and to libraries as hubs for community engagement. We hope you’ll participate is this unique opportunity for libraries and authors to connect locally and globally! 

But What If We’re Wrong Review

By Philip Wallace, Marketing Systems & Content Analyst

Over the years, Chuck Klosterman has made a name for himself as a cultural critic in a wide range of journalistic venues ranging from the music magazine Spin to The New York Times. in his latest book, But What If We’re Wrong, Klosterman tackles both the minute and major details of life where facts and conventional wisdom are more open to debate than we previously thought. 

Academic Marketing and University Presses

Knowing how to build ironclad relationships with your customers, while communicating value can make all the difference for university presses striving to demonstrate profitability. In last month’s #BuildUP Twitter Chat, Ingram and Consortium Books academic marketing ace, Heather C. Hart, answered questions and offered up some advice on connecting with those hard-to-reach customers, so you can maximize your sales opportunities.  

Summer Events for Authors

We attend conferences for many reasons and recommend you do the same. Conferences are all about being part of the conversation and that means participating by speaking but also by listening to those in attendance. There’s always something to be gained by attending a conference you’re interested in and which promises to help sharpen your craft. 

Demystifying Book Distribution for Self-Publishers

By Robin Cutler, Director of IngramSpark  

Six Features to Help You Self-Publish

There are hundreds of self-publishing platforms out there, each with their own array of features designed to help authors. The self-publishing world can seem complicated, even to seasoned authors with experience in publishing. Here's how to publish like a pro with IngramSpark.  

Ingram Wire Biography Edition

This month’s video is brought to you by the Ingram Wire: Biographies. Readers Gail and Mason discuss five books on a variety of fascinating people: The Statesman and the Storyteller by Mark Zwonitzer, Most Blessed of the Patriarchs by Annette Gordon-Reed and Peter S. Onuf, Is that Kafka? by Reiner Stach, Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man by William Shatner, with David Fisher, and Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X by Randy Roberts. 

Why Use Print on Demand

Is one the loneliest number or the perfect amount? When it comes to printing books one-at-a-time, independent publishers are not alone in seeing the benefits. Print on Demand is helping independent and traditional publishers alike. 

Metadata for University Presses

Another University Press Twitter chat, another excellent learning experience for everyone involved. In case you were unable to attend this latest online discussion, or you’re simply looking for a quick recap of what was covered, we’ve provided a full transcript of the Q&A with our local metadata pro, Margaret Harrison. 

Spring Arbor Wire Women's Edition

This month’s video is brought to you by the Spring Arbor Wire. Watch as Melissa and Gail discuss books that will inspire and comfort women readers: Beauty Begins: Making Peace with Your Reflection by Chris Shook and Megan Shook-Alpha, The Mother Letters: Sharing with Laughter, Joy, Struggles and Hope by Amber C. Haines and Seth Haines, Distinctly You by Cheryl Martin, You Are Beautiful in His Sight: Scripture Journal for Women.

How to Fine-Tune Your First Draft

Editing may come naturally to some writers, but to others it may seem like a daunting process. Either way, it's an absolutely necessary step to publishing a book. Even if you pay to have your book professionally edited, you should still give it a rough edit, yourself, before sending it off. Here's how to self-edit your book and publish like a pro.  

Initial Print Runs: What Are They, and Do They Matter?

By Shannan Starnes Rosa, MSLS, Collection Development Librarian for Adult Materials

An initial print run is the number of copies a publisher produces for a title’s first release. In the traditional publishing model, the publisher takes several months to prepare a book for sale in advance of its release date. Part of the planning process includes making a decision about the number of copies to ask a printing company to produce, and this number is a reflection of the number of copies the publisher forecasts will sell.  

Four Valuable Business Skills Learned from Self-Publishing

Learning how to publish your own book is a valuable skill for anyone who writes, whether professionally or as a hobby. Self-publishing doesn't just get your book onto physical and virtual shelves; it teaches you how to manage a business. As you travel down the road of self-publishing, you'll likely pick up these business skills along the way. 

Ingram Wire: Must-Read Fiction

This month’s video is brought to you by the Ingram Wire: Fiction. Readers Gail and Stephanie discuss four titles for fiction lovers: We Love You, Charlie Freeman by Kaitlyn Greenidge, The Nest by Cynthia D. Sweeney, Versions of Us by Laura Barnett, Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett  

From Walled Garden to Wild Meadow

Publishers have long relied on a supply chain that is two steps removed from their ‘real’ customers (readers), and they are increasingly at the mercy of large retailers who command high discounts, favorable returns policies, etc. While the independent bookseller market has shown resilience in recent years, the marketplace for books is a competitive and often polarized space that is increasingly challenged with issues around discovery, visibility, and monopoly.  

Ingram Wire Politics Edition: Must Reads

This month’s video is brought to you by the Ingram Wire: Political Books. Politics is in the air so readers Gail and Stephanie discuss four timely must-have titles: Bernie by Ted Rall, President Squid by Aaron Reynolds, Quotations by Chairman Trump edited by Carol Pogash, and This Little President by Joan Holub. 

Have You Considered E-Books for Your Best-Selling Print Titles?

Technology is here to stay, and most people in the publishing industry are thrilled about it. Analytics and other technologies have made book distribution, along with publishing and marketing, easier than ever. What's more, authors and booksellers can now reach consumers all over the world. Even the cost of publishing a book has drastically improved with the advent of e-books.  

Prayer Edition: Spring Arbor 2016 Must-Haves

This month’s video is brought to you by the Spring Arbor Wire. Melissa and Gail discuss reflective titles for this spring: Contemplative Prayer by Thomas Merton, An Insider's Guide to Praying for the World by Brian C. Stiller, Praying in Color by Sybil Macbeth, and War Room Bible Study by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick. 

Building the Right E-book Pricing Strategy

By Phil Ollila, Chief Content Officer

What are effective ebook pricing strategies in today’s book business? Based on trends we observe at Ingram Content Group from both publishers and readers, we think about three general segments for ebooks: entertainment value, education value and marketing value. 

Are You Ready to Self-Publish? Here's How to Know.

Do you have a written manuscript sitting in a desk drawer, waiting to be published? How do you know if it's time? It's not uncommon for a manuscript to go unpublished because the writer doesn't know the process, lacks the funds to traditionally publish a book, or has no idea what self-publishing entails. Additionally, some writers may feel like their book just isn't "ready." If you've been mulling over whether or not to publish your book, here are a few ways to prepare. 

Twitter Chat Recap: Wholesale Strategy for University Presses

During our most recent Twitter Chat, Trent Harmon, Lead Buyer at Ingram Content Group, was kind enough to grace us with his presence as our special guest. While John Hussey and I did our best to stump him with our toughest Wholesale questions, it was a pleasure to see a number of University Presses join in on the conversation and worthy of a big cheer. (Thank you Kentucky, California, and Fordham!)  

Looking Ahead: Trends in Adult Publishing

By Ann Lehue, Manager, Collection Development Programs, MSIS

Ingram’s Collection Development librarians meet with publishers on a regular basis and frequently discuss what’s new and what’s changing in the publishing world. Everything—from the usual waxing and waning of genres, to experiments with formats, to a surge in the awareness of social issues, to the way social media impacts who gets published—factors into this season’s crop of new books.  

Author Q&A: James McBride

So, first things first—what are some common misconceptions about James Brown that really need to be cleared up?
He was much more than “The Godfather of Soul.” He was a son of the south. Very sensitive guy. Very misunderstood. A living symbol of what’s wrong and right about American history. 

Why Are Analytics Important for Your Book Sales?

Small and large businesses are harnessing the power of analytics systems to track inventory, monitor sales, and identify their target audiences. These platforms are tremendously useful for increasing sales and efficiency, and retailers aren't the only ones who benefit. 

Ingram Hosts a Twitter Chat

Introducing a new Twitter hour just for you, University Presses! #BuildUP is our first-ever Twitter chat that will connect University Presses with publishing experts and thought leaders from Ingram. Starting April 1 at 10:30-11:30 CST, you can catch us every first Friday of the month with a new topic.  

5 Steps to Make Book Writing Easy

So you have an amazing idea for a story you just can't stop thinking about. Sounds like it's time you put that on paper and share it with others! But writing a book is so hard, you say. Of course it can seem that way; your mind is full of characters, plots, and dramatic twists and turns. But if you can't find a way to organize those thoughts and get them out into one cohesive story, the idea of writing a book can seem daunting. Fear not. Here are five easy steps to help organize your thoughts so you can finally write that bestseller you've been dreaming up. 

Author Q&A with Toni Hammersley

Have you ever wished you had the time and tools to organize your house in a clutter-free, design-conscious, Pinterest-worthy way? From storage solutions and cleaning tips to secret space-saving methods and expert strategies, The Complete Book of Home Organization is packed with the tips and shortcuts you need to effectively organize your home.