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Build UP: Connecting with Your Library

Often disregarded as producing content exclusively reserved for those dwelling in the ivory towers of academia, university presses have plenty to offer to public and urban libraries. In our most recent #BuildUP Twitter chat, Ingram Director of Library Sales, Jim Heuer, provided some excellent tips on how university publishers can connect with libraries beyond that of their respective institutions to gain wider regard when it comes to collection development.

For your convenience, you can find the entire Library Sales Twitter Chat transcript below.

Hi it's Jim, Director of Library Sales at Ingram. I've been at Ingram for 18 years with a wealth of #bookindustry knowledge. #BuildUP

I'll be chatting about how university presses can increase their library sales and outreach within #libraries. #BuildUP

Q1: Do print catalogs still matter? #BuildUP

A1: Yes, but the mailing list needs to be up to date and accurate so that the right person gets it. #BuildUP

Q2: How do I increase sales of regional titles in #libraries? #BuildUP

A2: Think globally, but act locally. Visit your local library and make connections to see what they're looking for. #BuildUP

Q3: What kind of UP books appeal to #librarians? #BuildUP #ReadUP

A3: A good cover is important. Choose a cover that has trade potential. Make sure it doesn't look like it only belongs in the ARL. #BuildUP

Q4: What is the biggest buying difference between public and academic librarians? #BuildUP

A4: ARLs buy on subject matter while public libraries based their decisions on circulation and spending tax payer dollars wisely. #BuildUP

Q5: What are the most-acquired subjects by libraries? #BuildUP

A5: Public libraries acquire fiction first then children's. For academic libraries, it depends on the mission of the university and it’s library. #BuildUP

Q6: How much does price matter to librarians? #BuildUP

A6: It matters a lot. We're dealing with tight budgets. It's hard to take a chance on something that has steep price & low discount. #BuildUP

A6: If the subject matter is equal then price and discount really are a deciding factor. #BuildUP

Q7: What's the biggest change you've seen in the last 10 yrs in library sales? #BuildUP

A7: The biggest change is a significant portion of library budget is now going to #ebooks#BuildUP

Q8: What's more important - committing resources to marketing or getting reviews? #BuildUP

A8: Reviews, especially for public libraries. Reviews are the justifications for purchasing titles. #BuildUP

A8: Librarians keep back issues of reviews to justify purchases to patrons. #BuildUP

We're wrapping it up now, but here are some final words. #BuildUP

When a UP is first to market with a hot topic, target marketing to larger public library systems and large urban libraries. #BuildUP

Thanks for joining us for this month's #BuildUP! Note that next month we'll be changing our chat to #Built4UPs. See you then!

Ingram Academic Service’s weekly Twitter chats are a great way to keep up with the most relevant best-practices impacting university presses and academic publishers today, plus, an excellent opportunity to get real-time feedback from our team of UP pros. Keep a lookout for our next round upcoming #BuildUP Twitter chats and have your questions ready.

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