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Libraries Supporting Communities Podcast

What do hurricanes, hungry kids, dancing, civil unrest, learning and entertainment have in common? These things, and so much more, are examples of ways that libraries support those who live in their communities.  

5 Reasons To Focus On Your Book Cover

Your manuscript is finally done! The last letter has been typed! You need to get your book out ASAP, so there’s no time to waste putting your files together for printing. 

Online Marketing Tips to Increase Store Awareness

There is always a place for traditional bookstores in our neighborhoods for the community to gather, share our comradery of reading, and spend a few hours getting lost in the bound pages of a classic novel or the latest sci-fi thriller. However, the digital age has changed the traditional habit of reading, and we have seen more people buying their books without leaving their homes. With readers online, this can actually help your store's awareness by building your online marketing. With just a little bit of technical savvy and a few digital online marketing tactics, you can get readers into your business! 

Innovative Library Programs & Collections Podcast

Computer software skills, book discussion groups, career development, writer’s workshops and more. A recent Pew research report found that only 34% of library programming is for adults, and yet most of the US population is age 45+, and the fastest growing demographic is over 85! 

Escapism: Reading To Relax and Recharge Podcast

Who wouldn’t want to wave a magic wand and fix life’s problems? For many, escapist fiction is a way to put aside daily stresses and take a break from reality. Literature can help you explore the broader world, refresh your mind and provide time to regroup. Help your patrons escape with a good book and put a little distance between themselves and what’s causing them stress. 

Get To Know Scribe Publications

Located in Melbourne and London, Scribe Publications is a multi-award-winning company that has operated as an independent trade-publishing house. They have provided narrative and literary nonfiction titles to readers around the country, including over 65 non-fiction and fiction titles annually in Australia, about 60 in the United Kingdom, and as of 2017, about 30 titles in the United States. Not only do they specialize in narrative and literary nonfiction titles, but they pride themselves on publishing the best local, international and translated fiction titles. For over 40 years, Scribe has been dedicated to providing readers with the best books. 

Gig Economy: Patrons Seeking Nontraditional Work Podcast

Gigs are no longer reserved solely for comedians and musicians. Bloggers, vloggers, ridesharing drivers and a host of other nontraditional career opportunities now occupy the space of independent and temporary work. Listen in as we explore the on demand career path and how you can provide resources to your patrons who are already involved or interested in picking up a gig. 

Floating Collections: How It Can Work in a Public Library

By Tricia Racke Bengel, Library Sales & Services Manager, Ingram Library Services
I’m sure, like many of you, I watch a lot of education webinars. They are a great way to learn things in a cheap, convenient way. You always think: I can duck out of the topic if it doesn’t end up being interesting or pertinent to me, or listen with half an ear while multi-tasking three different things. Occasionally, I put everything else away and listen with both ears. A few weeks ago, I did the latter. I closed my email, laid my pen down, and listened for an hour and 15 minutes to a really great library webinar. 

Ingram Gives Back: Our United Way Campaign

As the summer comes to a close, we reminisce on the biggest community service event of the season; our annual United Way campaign. Since 1887, United Way has provided education, financial stability, and health to the communities they serve. We’re committed to making an impact in the community by working with United Way to provide others with necessary resources.