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#OnTheRoadULC: Featuring Hartford Public Library // Two Librarians & A Microphone Podcast

During episode 4 of our #OnTheRoadULC road trip, we sat down with top innovators Noma Naficy and Beverly Redd to discuss their workforce and economic development programming at Hartford Public Library in Connecticut.  

Preparing for a Future of Click-free Search Results

So, SEOers were looking at searches on desktop and mobile devices and clicks that led to business goals (or not). Tweak sites and repeat. That’s what we did. 

Digital Book World with Ingram

By Nancy Stosik, Senior Manager Publisher Engagement
For the first time, Digital Book World was held in Ingram’s home town of Nashville!  DBW18 took place at Music City Center from October 2-4.  Recurring themes for this year’s conference included:  the rise of Audio, Voice-first technology, AI, Data and Discoverability, and Blockchain technology.  These themes were explored and discussed in many of the keynote presentations.   Attendees could also learn more about best practices, the state of the industry, and emerging trends and technologies during smaller breakout sessions, covering six different areas of focus:  Legal, Production, Marketing, Education, Data and New Media.  

How to Use eBook Editions to Improve Metadata Offerings

by Dmitri Barvinok, Front Edge Publishing
Publishers know eBook editions are a vital part of a book release. What you may not know is that the metadata for your eBook editions can open a doorway to valuable options on, and other retailers. That’s especially true if your book has multiple contributors. 

#OnTheRoadULC: Featuring San Francisco Public Library // Two Librarians & A Microphone Podcast

When San Francisco Public Library recognized approximately 50% of 3rd and 4th graders in their community were not reading at grade level they decided to step up immediately.

#OnTheRoadULC: Featuring Los Angeles Public Library // Two Librarians & A Microphone Podcast

Live from the Urban Libraries Council Annual Forum, we’re interviewing Susan Broman from the Los Angeles Public Library about innovative additions to the area of Civic & Community Engagement through the New Americans Initiative.

#OnTheRoadULC: Featuring Brooklyn Public Library // Two Librarians & A Microphone Podcast

We are hitting the road and taking our listeners to the 2018 Urban Libraries Council Annual Forum in Baltimore, Maryland. Join us as our hosts interview the Top Library Innovators, starting with Brooklyn Public Library's Teacher Lab.  

Top Buzz-Worthy Fiction Reviews from #TheLibraryLife Experts

Ingram’s Collection Development librarians regularly visit with publishers to find out about forthcoming titles, publishing trends, and what titles the publishers are most excited about each season. Check out their reviews for these forthcoming potential break-out novels: 

New Adult Voters: Activism, Apathy, or Angst?

In 1988, I voted for the first time. George H. W. Bush won handily (426 to 111 electoral votes and +7.8 percent of the popular vote)—he received 98 percent of the vote in my small Michigan village, so my single vote one way or the other didn’t seem to matter at all. Now that the country is more divided than ever, and the races so close, new voters and their views of civic duties, rights, and privileges seemingly have a real say in the direction of our country, at least on paper. But how do today’s new adults look at politics and voting? 

#LibrariesRock // Serving the Needs of Your Local Community: Two Librarians & A Microphone Podcast

Gone are the days when libraries could take a "cookie-cutter" approach to their community programming and outreach. Tune-in as we discuss the hyper-local drive towards engagement being embraced by libraries all over the country.