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Demystifying Book Distribution for Small to Mid-Sized Publishers

Written by: Bailey Davis, Publisher Engagement Manager (@baileydavis26)
Not all publishers are the same, nor are the means for getting their books to market in the most efficient and cost effective ways. As with most businesses that require some type of order fulfillment, when it comes to getting your book products to market, you need to match with a distribution method that best fits your business model. 

The Little Things That Make It Worthwhile: Two Librarians And A Microphone Podcast

It can be easy to get caught up in the hectic pace of #TheLibraryLife. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the little things that remind us why we choose this noble pursuit.  

Ingram’s Guide to Opening a Bookstore

If you are a true booklover you have most likely dreamt about opening your own independent bookstore. You’ve sifted through a list of book puns to pick out the perfect store name and you can envision your unique window display that is sure to catch everyone’s attention. So, what is stopping you from making this dream a reality? 

The Awe-Inspiring and Motivational: Two Librarians And A Microphone Podcast

Episode 2 of Season 4 includes a look into some of the wonderfully inspirational things that happen behind library doors. 

Get To Know Saving Miss Oliver's Author, Stephen Davenport

Leadership, loyalty, and change are at the heart of author Stephen Davenport's upcoming novel, Saving Miss Oliver's, which takes place in an all-girls school. Emotionally charged, and politically fraught, the novel also contains valuable content for aspiring leaders who want to overcome resistance to change. We asked Stephen to share his perspective and inspiration on this aspect of the book. 

Everything You Need to Know About the Great American Read

Ann Cox, MLS, Collection Development Librarian
Are you caught up in The Great American Read fever yet? It seems that no matter where I look, everyone has an opinion on the 100 books that made the list, let alone what book should be the top pick for America’s favorite fiction title. (Sorry, nonfiction fans: they weren’t considered for this list.) Kicking off on May 22, the eight-part PBS series will include interviews with authors, celebrities, notable Americans, and regular book lovers across the country, all advocating for their favorite book. Themed episodes explore the concepts behind the books, how readers are affected by these stories, and what their status in the American psyche says about us as a diverse nation with a shared human experience. Voting will take place throughout the summer and fall, leading up to the final episode to reveal the results of nationwide voting and crown America’s best-loved novel. 

What I Didn't Learn in Library School: Two Librarians And A Microphone Podcast

Season 4 is here with a unique look at lessons from #TheLibraryLife ! Two Librarians and a Microphone: What I Didn’t Learn in Library School.  

Marketing Insights Series: Book Marketing in the Era of Algorithms

There’s an online audience for every book. That’s a nice thought, right? If only connecting those booklovers with your content, the content they want and may not yet be aware of, was as simple as knowing they exist.