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Metadata for Books: The Current Landscape

By: Jake Handy (@jakehandy) and Margaret Harrison (@NerdInNashville)

(Excerpt from Metadata Essentials)
Whether you’re an author or a publisher, metadata—that is, the data that describes and differentiates your book—should be one of your biggest considerations. It’s of huge importance to your customers because it brings a book to life for the buyer and provides important details on what he or she should expect. According to a survey conducted by The Nielson Company, titles with incomplete or nonspecific metadata result in higher returns and, generally, lower sales. 

What I Wish I Learned in Library School

By: Briá Woods
August and September are the two months across-the-country during which we prepare for Back-to-School. What does Back-to-School mean for librarians? Specifically, our librarians in training headed back to graduate school. One of the messages we pride ourselves with here at Ingram Library Services is that we understand, “The Library Life Changes, Our Commitment Does Not.”  We chatted with Wendy, Becky, and Debbie, some of (Y)Our MLS- Degreed Librarians, to dive deep into the mind of librarians. Grab your index cards, red pens, and highlighters to take some notes on what they wished they had learned in library school.