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Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day

April is an exciting time of the year here at Ingram Content Group because we are thrilled to be able to celebrate and recognize our wonderful world of indie booksellers with Independent Bookstore Day (IBD) on April 27.

It’s no secret that our team has a passion for independent booksellers, as we have supported their efforts by operating print facilities, distribution centers, and sales offices around the globe for over 50 years.

Our team is never too far away from anyone looking to read, write, publish, print, or sell more books and consider ourselves privileged to be able to celebrate the last Saturday of each April with our independent bookstores and join in on the celebration with a day-long national party at indie bookstores throughout the U.S.

The Independent Bookstore Day and Our Communities

It's so good to know that in our high-tech world today, indie bookstores are still a thriving part of our communities. Your local indie bookstore is not just a store. It’s a place where you can gather, learn, share and discuss anything from the latest sci-fi novel to the best children’s books.

Despite all of the fascinating things folks can do online, nothing truly beats spending an afternoon at your hometown indie bookstore. The art, culture, and camaraderie people are looking for is not found behind a digital computer screen; it is behind the walls of a neighborhood bookstore.

Local indie bookstores create a culture, not just commerce and we love that independent bookstores are growing and expanding in our communities. In fact, there are more indie bookstores in the U.S this year than last year—and that is something to celebrate!

Recognizing Independent Bookstore Day not only allows each individual store to celebrate their unique party with cake, authors, live music, kids events, contests, and creative festivities, but it also celebrates the value of local bookstores all across America. Independent Bookstore Day is a celebration of our unique and vibrant indie bookstores that are alive and thriving in communities around the country.

To further celebrate the value of independent bookstores on #BookstoreDay, we are partnering with our friends at Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc) to show our ongoing support--and throw a yearlong party by donating funds that will help impact booksellers throughout 2019 and beyond.

Join the Ingram and BINC Celebration

The Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc) has provided booksellers support for over 23 years, and their substantial impact has changed our book industry. Binc has created an easy way to give back to brick and mortar bookstore employees during financial crisis. With raising millions of dollars to serve over 7,300 bookstore families, BINC strives to help booksellers all over the country.

  • Success Story: Natural Disasters: "I was standing in two to three feet of water watching Beatles albums floating by my feet," recalled Still Life Books owner Royce Wilson. "And there was an Albert Camus novel floating by at the same time. I feel like overnight I lost my . . . identity as a local business person and as a lover of literature and good music." When a natural disaster like Hurricane Lane hits your community, your bookshop, your home, it can feel like you have lost yourself. That's when Binc steps in. In conjunction with a local fundraising campaign organized by Wilson's daughter and financial assistance from donors like you through a grant from Binc, Royce Wilson was able to reopen his bookstore in a new location this December, reclaiming his identity as a bookseller and local business owner.
  • Success Story: Medical Emergencies: A bookseller experienced what they thought was a heart attack. After visiting urgent care they learned it was not a heart attack, but a gallstone attack requiring immediate surgery. After two weeks of recovery from the emergency surgery, the bookseller returned to work. The bookseller was proactive in managing their bills but was still coming up short on the negotiated monthly payments for the $6k they owed out-of-pocket. If they were late on one single payment the interest would jump from the negotiated upon 0% into the double digits. Binc stepped in to pay down the balance which eased the burden on the family and allowed them to more easily meet their monthly payments. As life returns to normal, and the bookseller continues to recover, this family knows they'll be able to make their payments.
  • Success Story: Family Emergencies: A bookseller’s partner of five years was becoming controlling and emotionally abusive. They have a pre-school-aged child together and the bookseller was worried for their child as well as themselves. They decided it was time to remove themselves and their child from an increasingly urgent situation. The controlling partner wouldn’t leave when asked and had stopped financially contributing to the monthly bills. Binc stepped in to cover a penalty charge their landlord was demanding so the bookseller could break their lease and leave with their child. The bookseller and child have since moved in with a family member and are looking for an affordable rental.
Thanks to Binc, booksellers that were once on the verge of closing its doors are able to celebrate #BookstoreDay, provide for their communities, and continue to share stories with the world. As a celebration to our indies, join our party as we donate to BINC to support our booksellers all over the country. With the help of Binc, we can help those booksellers in need party all year!

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