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CoreSource Welcomes New Team Members

As CoreSource grows so does its team. Meet Emily and Christy, two CoreSource newbies helping to push it to the next level.

Announcing Emily Gilreath as our new CoreSource Products Manager

Emily wanted to be an astronaut growing up (well, actually she still does). However, the sensible side of her took over (that and there’s a height requirement; who knew?) and she received a bachelor's degree in Digital Media from Middle Tennesee State University. While there, Emily began working at a local restaurant, where she eventually met her husband. She left the restaurant world to start her career at Ingram (but we assume not because her husband worked there?).

Emily was on the CoreSource team when the current CoreSource product was launched and personally integrated many of the first CoreSource customers. Since then she has taken on many roles within the CoreSource team and most recently spent some time as the marketing technology manager at Ingram.

Outside work she is kept busy by chasing her two year old, enjoys sewing and embroidery, watching The Big Bang Theory, playing trains with her son, and reading (mostly children's books these days). She also volunteers with the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee.

Announcing Christy McGriff as Digital Products Specialist

Christy always wanted to be an Emergency Medical Technician, EMT – but then realized it may involve blood and guts which, might not be ideal for someone who can’t even watch herself get a shot. So after a short stint in the beauty industry, she decided to jump feet first into corporate America. With a passion for helping others, and the realization she had a strong technical sense, Christy spent her years prior to Ingram gaining Customer/Product Support experience in the trucking and pharmaceutical industries. Christy loves taking on a challenge, and no task is too big or too small for her to tackle.

During her 7 years at Ingram, Christy has been a part of various departments, specializing in all things “E”. She started with libraries on the MyiLibrary Audio platform, before becoming a part of the US MyiLibrary eBook Support team. She transitioned to the CoreSource Account Management Team and became known as the Apple “expert” spearheading the support of the Independent Publisher Program to assist small publishers. Christy then became CoreSource Account Manager for larger publishers such as MacMillan and various University Presses. In 2014, Christy joined the CoreSource Product team as 'Buffy’s right-hand woman'.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family - her high school sweetheart husband of almost 20 years and teenage son and daughter - motorcycle rides and football (for our non-American publishers, that’s the one that they play with their hands).