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Get Rewarded for Being Independent: Ingram’s Booklove

Whether it’s hosting an author event or helping a local find the perfect afternoon read, independent booksellers continuously spread the love of books to homes, cities, and even across borders . However, independent bookstores must be creative, enterprising, and seek out resources that are available to help them thrive and successfully compete against discount prices from mega-bookstore chains and online retailers.

As an ABA partner, we are familiar with the challenges indie bookstores encounter. With that background information in mind, we seek to develop independent bookstore resources such as the Turning Inventory into Profit Guide and our independent bookstore rebate program ­­— Booklove, which was specifically designed to support indie booksellers in their efforts to excel in the business of bookselling.

What Is the Booklove Program?

As an independent bookstore wholesaler, you work hard to create and discover new paths to success for indie bookstores. Your success is important to us. The Booklove rebate program is designed to help you make more on every sale by simply doing what you do best – supplying books to people. The more Booklove you spread, the more money you make!

Booklove can help you:

 1.Spread more Booklove around your community 

2. Increase profits on books you would have sold anyway

3. Track your progress towards targeted book sales

4. Stay in the know about special promotions, discounts, and signed stock offerings




Once registered, you will be given a sales target based on your previous year’s sales. Rewards are offered for every title in the entire Ingram distribution network which consists of over 17 million titles including books from Ingram Publisher Services. The rebate reward is triggered upon reaching your specified annual sales target. After the goal is met, we will give you Ingram credit to use for future purchases.

Enrolling in Booklove can also help you target which books to buy for increased rewards. After registering, you’ll receive periodic progress reports to let you know how your reward rebates are adding up. These reports also include service updates, tips, and suggestions from us so you can stock your shelves with ease.

Ready to Register?

The independent bookstore discount program runs throughout the year and registration opened January 1. Registration is FREE for all independent bookstore customers, so be sure to sign up today via the simple ‘one click’ registration process.

You are missing out on free rewards for your indie bookstore if you don’t enroll. No worries about timing, all orders placed on or after January 1st, 2018 will count towards your 2018 sales target! What are you waiting for? It is easy as 1,2,3! Click the button below to get started.

Our Love Doesn’t Stop

We have tons of resources that can help you market your books and further increase your sales. Read the articles below for tips and tools to improve your bookstore marketing.