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Get To Know BenBella Books

BenBella Books, a publishing boutique, has provided readers with captivating titles for almost 16 years, bringing titles like Traction and The Blood of Patriots to book shelves. With fourteen New York Best Sellers, they are committed to their authors and pride themselves on building a creative marketing approach.


Learn more about BenBella Books, a Persues Distribution client, in our recent interview with Glenn Yeffeth, a publisher for almost 16 years.  

     Q. What’s the most unique book you’ve read from your collection?

A. It has to beThe China Study , a book that invigorated and revolutionized the plant-based eating movement worldwide.

     Q. What do you think makes a good book?

A. I believe it it the ability to generate genuine excitement in it’s targeted readers.

Q. What’s your most popular title?

A. Currently, Traction, one of the best books ever written on managing a small to medium size business for outstanding results.

Q. What's been the most significant change in the publishing industry in the last five years?

A. Publishers are increasingly headed into a market that looks more and like a monopsony (one buyer). Resisting this is important, but so is recognizing that this is happening, and being prepared to be successful in a market with a small number of increasingly powerful buyers and increasing cost pressure.


Q. What's been your most memorable book launch?  

A. Presumed Guilty, by Casey Anthony’s attorney, was a brilliant but controversial in-depth look at the trial that captivated and infuriated watchers across the country. The book received tremendous coverage and quickly grabbed a spot on the New York Times list.

Q. What differentiates your publishing house from others?

A. A few things. We are highly entrepreneurial, which means creative deals with authors and tremendous flexibility in how we do things. We are marketing-centric, which means we not only put a lot of energy into marketing our books but we view all aspects of the publishing process through a marketing lens. And we are deeply committed to author partnership, taking the authors’ views on every aspect of the publishing process very seriously.