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Get To Know Scribe Publications

Located in Melbourne and London, Scribe Publications is a multi-award-winning company that has operated as an independent trade-publishing house. They have provided narrative and literary nonfiction titles to readers around the country, including over 65 non-fiction and fiction titles annually in Australia, about 60 in the United Kingdom, and as of 2017, about 30 titles in the United States. Not only do they specialize in narrative and literary nonfiction titles, but they pride themselves on publishing the best local, international and translated fiction titles. For over 40 years, Scribe has been dedicated to providing readers with the best books.

We sat down with Henry Rosenbloom, founder and publisher, to learn more about Scribe and their mission.

What’s your hottest selling title?
Nightmare in Berlin by Hans Fallada and Revolution by Emmanuel Macron are two of our biggest US titles this season. The most successful books I have published previously outside of the US have been two popular-science/popular-health titles: The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge and Gut by Giulia Enders.


What do you think makes a good book?
I am always looking for extremely well-written seminal works about subjects that are of importance to a lot of people. Ultimately, I want to publish books that matter.

Describe your publishing house in one word.


What do you look at when signing authors?
A great book! That always comes first. We want to publish a wide range of writers and so I look for authors in every possible way. I’ve been going to the London and Frankfurt book fairs every year for many years, so we hear about many titles before, during and after those fairs. We have a UK publishing company, so we receive submissions through them all through the year from UK and European agents, and we also receive submissions directly from overseas agents and publishers. We have US scouts, so we hear about projects likely to interest us from them, and we also receive submissions directly from North American agents and publishers. And sometimes we just hear about something, and are lucky enough to have the right contacts.

What’s the most unique book you’ve read from your collection?
Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo.