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Get To Know Indiana University Press

For 67 years, Indiana University Press has provided titles that have left lasting impressions. Introducing books like Metamorphoses and Crow Killer  to our reading list, they pride themselves on being a leading academic publisher specializing in scholarly and trade titles. Join us in celebrating the impact that these titles have in the academic community.

Learn more about IU Press, an Ingram Academic Distribution client, in our recent interview with Dave Hulsey, Associate Director for almost 9 years.

Q. What do you think makes a good book?
A. For scholarly books, the author must present their subject in an accessible manor that keeps the readers engaged. They need focus on why their argument is important and relevant in today’s world. For a trade book, the book has to be engaging and entertaining. Whether it’s a cook book, memoir, fiction or guide book, the authors writing style has to make the reader want more.


Q. What do you look at when signing authors?
A. Whether the author is scholarly or general trade, they must have an expertise in the subject area. They must have an engaging writing style and are also willing to go the extra mile to help market their book.

Q. What's been the most significant change in the publishing industry in the last five years?
A. The change in the book retail market has been a major factor in the publishing world. Major retailers (Bricks and Mortar) have closed and independents continue to struggle against the shift of customer purchasing habits moving to on-line shopping. Browsing for books online doesn’t provide the reader the same experience to find new and exciting books and authors, as we had in the bricks and mortar locations. New authors and publishers have to be more progressive in their marketing efforts to reach the readers.


 Q. What’s the most unique book you’ve read from your collection?
 A. On the scholarly side: Crow Killer is a very unique book. The book was the basis for the movie: Jeremiah Johnson. On the trade side: Muslim Americans in the Military is a very interesting book on the contributions that Muslims have made to the US since the Revolutionary War.

Q. What are your most important channels for title marketing?
 A. For a medium size publisher, social media has become extremely important to reaching readers and the media for book reviews.



Q. What does the future of your publishing look like to you?
A. We will continue to support our publishing mission of providing quality content that informs and entertains our readers, but as with all publishing houses, we will continue to change and implement new ways of delivering content as the market changes.

Q. What differentiates your publishing house from others?
 A. For a scholarly press, I believe we are very progressive in business and marketing practices. We were one of the first to implement a full-time person responsible for managing social media. Our production department has developed processes to get time sensitive books to the market in a timely manner and our acquisition editors are w illing look at new areas of publishing that wouldn’t be considered by other universities.