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Indie Author Day: Libraries + Indie Authors

For the first time ever, libraries across North America will be hosting local events in celebration of indie authors! We’re thrilled to be a part of this event as it brings more visibility to the significant growth of the self-publishing industry, independent authors, and to libraries as hubs for community engagement. We hope you’ll participate is this unique opportunity for libraries and authors to connect locally and globally!

What is Indie Author Day?

Indie Author Day will take place on October 8, 2016. On this day, indie authors and all members of the writing community will gather at their local libraries to participate in community-based activities like author panels, book readings and signings, writing workshops, presentations from local industry specialists and more. Then, at 2 p.m. Eastern, everyone will join a global digital gathering featuring Q&A with writers, agents and industry leaders that will bring together the larger indie community. Our very own Robin Cutler, Director of IngramSpark, will be part of this panel.

Why Should I Participate as a Library?

It is free and simple for libraries to get involved and receive posters, invitations and other materials, guidance on how to host an event, assistance in finding local authors to participate and more! Indie Author Day’s website even offers tips for possible programming to help get your creative juices flowing:

  • An author panel featuring traditional, hybrid, and self-published authors from the community
  • Presentations from local indie authors about writing, marketing, and more
  • Book readings and/or signings from local authors
  • Presentations from local industry leaders
  • Writing workshops
  • Presentations and workshops to inform the writing community about tools available for them to use through the library

Register to host an event today to connect with and support your local authors.

Why Should I Participate as an Indie Author?

Indie Author Day offers an exciting chance to network, discover new friendships and form business partnerships. It’s incredibly important for all authors, regardless of whether they’re traditionally or independently published, to get involved with their fellows in the writing community, shop at their local bookstores, and frequent their local libraries. These are the individuals and the institutions who will be your biggest support group.

We sincerely hope you’ll participate in Indie Author Day as it jointly celebrates you, writing as an art form, and libraries as centers for community engagement. In case you need a few more reasons to love your library, we’ll just leave these here.


  • are trusted tastemakers, recommending books to their patrons.
  • invest immeasurable time and effort into planning and executing events and programming for their communities at large and for authors in particular.
  • are incredible resources for information on the current trends in the publishing industry as they work on the front lines.
  • provide a physical space for community resources, educational opportunities, conversation, and escapism.
  • love books for all the reasons we can think and more, so much so that they’ve chosen to make careers out of them, just like you.

Find out if your library has signed up to host an Indie Author Day event.

If your library has not registered, be sure to let the Indie Author Day team know and they will be in touch to help get your local library involved.

Want to know more ways to get involved with Indie Author Day? Check it out here.