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IngramSpark Honored At Authors Guild Awards

by IngramSpark Staff (@ingramspark)
In the past decade alone, opportunities to self-publish a book have become vast and plentiful. We’ve been incredibly blessed to play a role in the continued growth of the self-publishing industry, are happy to see it thriving, and are making efforts to continually push it forward every day. And while it’s wonderful to get props for our efforts, what drives us is helping people across the globe share their stories, dreams, and passions.

Self-Publishing Awards and Honors

The Independent Publishing Magazine (TIPM)

TIPM Ranked IngramSpark the #1 Self-Publishing Service eight months out of the year in 2015 and multiple times in 2016. If you're curious how TIPM calculates their rankings you can take a gander at their Publishing Service Index.

The Authors Guild

Alongside literary heavy-hitters Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison and bestselling author James Patterson (we're HUGE fans; who isn't?), IngramSpark will be receiving an award for Distinguished Service to the Literary Community at The Authors Guild’s 25th annual gala on May 24, 2017.

A Bit About IngramSpark

Our number one goal is to make self-publishing a book—of the utmost quality—easily accessible and affordable for anyone. Once that book is created, we want to see it in the hands of readers across the globe. There are a few ways we help aspiring authors and self-publishers accomplish that feat.

Reasonable Title Setup Costs

For years one of our mantras has been big house publishing for the indie publisher. Here’s a quick breakdown of our title upload costs:

  • Print book upload - $49
  • Print and eBook upload (when uploaded at the same time) - $49
  • eBook upload - $25

What That Gets You

Global Distribution to over 39,000 points across the globe, including:

  • Major online retailers like Amazon, Apple iBooks, and Kobo
  • Bookstores including local independent bookstores and stores like Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million
  • Libraries

A wide range of services that ensure self-publishers produce the best possible version of their books.

Services tailored to the unique needs of self-publishers and the support they need to succeed.

  • Extended support hours to reach real people who offer real solutions—including on evenings and weekends
  • Representatives in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia
  • Live chat
  • An expansive knowledge base including social media, blog articles, self-publishing guides, video tutorials, and a monthly newsletter

We’ve only been in the self-publishing game for a few years (IngramSpark launched in 2013), but aspiring authors and small to mid-level publishers from all over are quickly recognizing the value we have to offer and our commitment to evolving as the self-publishing industry evolves.

Creating strong relationships within the self-publishing community is important to us. Recognition like self-publishing awards and honors help us get closer to those we wish to serve. And for that, we are incredibly grateful.