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Let’s Celebrate Indie Bookstores 2018

Spring is finally here, which means Independent Bookstore Day (IBD) is just around the corner! At Ingram Content Group, books have been our passion for more than 50 years, and we’re more devoted than ever to supporting indie bookstores—large and small—and celebrating them on Independent Bookstore Day, and every day!

Held on the last Saturday of April, Independent Bookstore Day is a perfect way for independent booksellers to shine a spotlight on their store and celebrate the love of books and bookselling. It’s an opportune time to offer those “can’t miss” specials and promotions to book lovers who love to shop local and enjoy print books. Ingram is excited to participate in Independent Bookstore Day and delighted to highlight the many events happening at indie bookstores across the country.

Whether you want to create an event of your own, or participate in the online fun using the hashtags #IngramForIndies and #BookstoreDay, we’re excited for you to join in on the bookworm party!

 Independent Bookstore Day: The Pre-Party

Independent Bookstore Day was first celebrated by California Booksellers in 2014, and has amassed a large following over the years. It’s safe to say that booksellers and booklovers really know how to throw a party as IBD has become the largest bookstore extravaganza in the country.

Last year, over 458 bookstores in 48 states celebrated Indie Bookstore Day and showcased indie bookstores as a place for community, inspiration, and connection around books, authors, and all things independent and literary. While online spaces and communities, like IndieBound, offer ways for readers to connect in person and online all year round, there’s something about a special “one day only” event where all indies come together to recognize their amazing impact on the community.


Let’s Celebrate: Cue the Music

Thinking about participating in Independent Bookstore Day 2018? Whether you’re bookstore is large or small, you can host an Independent Bookstore Day event and enjoy the following perks!

  • Participating in Independent Bookstore Day draws more customers to your store, leading to an increase in traffic and store awareness.
  • Offering readers exclusive items that are available only on Independent Bookstore Day can boost sales, and year-round store interest.
  • Activities, giveaways, and your fun staff make Independent Bookstore Day an easy excuse to reach a wider audience and promote the benefits of independent bookstores.

 Great Activities for Your Bookstore: Breakin’ It Down

Ready to join in on the fun? Many stores arrange huge celebrations, promotions, giveaways, and in-store surprises to drive traffic and create memorable experiences for customers.

For stores in large communities, where there are multiple indie bookstores, you can generate interest surrounding IBD by creating collaborative citywide celebrations at local bookshops across town! Take a cue from Seattle bookstores by creating an “around the world” event where customers are encouraged to grab a “IBD passport” and participate in activities at each indie store. This takes the idea of a block party to a whole new level!

If you are hosting solo, think outside the box with interactive events like book-themed improv. Select customers in your store and create a story plot on the spot. Not only will you get a great story out of it, but it’s bound to put on a show for the onlookers. You could also try a scavenger hunt where customers have to locate certain books and items to win a prize.

Your store is a place for all ages, so include kid friendly activities like coloring books or a puppet show. Scheduling a children’s book reading with a famous author will draw both children and adults to the big show.

From snacks to sales, the key is to show readers the value of physically coming into their favorite independent bookstore to support the authors and community they love. Guest speakers, a packed event calendar, a book club launch, or even raffle prizes can all help generate interest and excitement for Independent Bookstore Day.

Independent Bookstore Day is an awesome way to bring the community together at your indie bookstore, boost sales and create customer loyalty. It’s a win-win situation, and Ingram Content has got your back every step of the way.

Join Our LIVE Celebration

If your indie bookstore has a social media presence, you can also promote your event using the hashtags #IngramforIndies and #BookstoreDay. Make sure to follow along, to find inspiration from other booksellers across the country and to share your plans.

The party doesn’t end after IBD, check out services available for Ingram's indie booksellers all year round.