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​Meet Ingram’s Inside Sales Representative, John Mangrum

Ingram Content Group has been dedicated to helping libraries curate the best collections to have the titles that their patrons want. We’re always looking to help our customers have the best service and latest insights to engage their communities.


But, who are the people behind the emails? We sat down with John Mangrum, one of our inside sales reps, to learn more about how his past library experiences carried over into his job at Ingram.

Born in Jonesboro, AR, John lived in 17 different cities by the time he was 18 years old. Therefore, the library became a consistent home. After starting college at the University of Southern Mississippi, John worked for McCain Special Collections and Archives where he found the library industry inspiring him to pursue a degree in Library Science. Post-graduation, John was a library assistant for three university libraries before coming to Ingram as a cataloging assistant. After nine years, John transitioned to inside sales. Here’s what John has to say about his experiences:

Q: How did your experience as a library assistant influence your job today?

A: “It helped me understand how libraries work, as well as the way patrons interact with libraries and the behind the scenes flow, such as different types of cataloging. I believe that my education, previous work experiences, and the incredible training I’ve received from Ingram have led me to the position that I hold now.”

Q: What skills did you learn as a library assistant that you think provide better insights into your work today?

A: “Some of the skills I gained from being an assistant and also an assistant cataloger are communicating with patrons, understanding library systems, and cataloging English and foreign language materials.”

Q: What was the most rewarding part about being a library assistant?

A: “The most rewarding part of working in the library world is being able to spend time around books. I also enjoy working with many different librarians, and of course now, my colleagues at Ingram.”

Q: What do you miss about working in a library?

A: “First, I love working with the Library Services team at Ingram Content Group. I truly enjoy sales and everything that coincides with it. If I had to pick one thing I miss about working in a library, it would be working in archives and preservation. I love working with rare books or one-of-a-kind manuscripts. It was rewarding to know that I could make old artifacts available for future generations.”

Q: What does it mean to you to help librarians in your current job?

A: “It’s funny because I’m married to a Collection Development/Acquisitions librarian so that question has a deeper meaning. To me, helping other librarians is similar to helping family members. You want to help them reach their goals inside the library world and save them time. It is focused on ensuring that patrons enjoy the library experience which is why I think most of us are in the library industry.”

Q: Do you have any favorite memories from working in the library?

A: “When I worked in Special Collections I processed a collection that was donated from the Curious George estate. It was amazing to witness the breadth of H.A Rays’ work. I also was able to hold and encapsulate original page illustrations from the Curious George books. It was truly amazing.”

Q: What books do you prefer to read?

A: “I mostly read nonfiction books, but I do read multiple genres. Lately, I have been reading works by Haruki Maurakami.”

Q: What is a random fact about yourself?

A: “It’s hard to answer that one. I guess a bit of my personal trivia is I was awarded the Missouri State Children’s Storytelling Champion with the story “Wiley and Hairy Man” by Molly Garrett Bang.”


John has dedicated 16 + years to the library industry, and we are lucky to have his expertise on our team. Thank you, John, for your knowledge and dedication to helping the patron experience.