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New iPage Feature: Curated Lists Tab

Ann Lehue, MSIS, Manager, Collection Development Programs
What do you get when you put a group of Ingram Library Services team members (including librarians) into a room with unlimited coffee twice a month? A whole lot of ideas, passion, and spirited negotiations about ipage enhancements, and completely full whiteboards with lots of edits. The past six months, the Collection Development team has been creating and standardizing great content, including genre lists, but the content was largely hidden, known only to ipage experts, serendipitous wanderers, or the most conscientious webinar attendees.

Currently, customers must know to go into Browse>High Interest Categories to find the curated lists that they need. Although this path will still be available, soon all the Collection Development services, including these curated lists, will be accessible from one tab called Curated Lists.

The new tab will appear next to the Search tab and will include links to the complimentary Collection Development services:

  • High Interest Categories—Discover creative, timely, and regularly updated lists ranging from trending topics to replenishment must-haves, broken out by age, subject, and format.
  • Notifications / Standing Order Programs—Receive commitment-free lists of new titles by enrolling in any of our 22 ready-made programs, from bestselling authors to series, continuations, and more. (Report-Only or editable Auto-Ship available)

The tab will also include ways to contact Collection Development about custom projects, including:

  • Opening Day Collections
  • Grants and special projects
  • Collection refreshes
  • Year-end spending
  • Seasonal reading programs
  • Ongoing monthly lists (fees may apply)
  • And more!

Perhaps best of all, new services will be added to the page as they go into production, providing a one-stop shop for services, lists, and project support provided by our MLS-degreed librarians and expert program specialists.

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