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Are You Ready to Self-Publish? Here's How to Know.

Do you have a written manuscript sitting in a desk drawer, waiting to be published? How do you know if it's time? It's not uncommon for a manuscript to go unpublished because the writer doesn't know the process, lacks the funds to traditionally publish a book, or has no idea what self-publishing entails. Additionally, some writers may feel like their book just isn't "ready." If you've been mulling over whether or not to publish your book, here are a few ways to prepare. 

Steven J. Meyers on Lime Creek Odyssey

As Steven Meyers writes, an odyssey need not involve a long journey, simply a profound one. First drawn to Lime Creek for its fly fishing, this stream serves as Meyers's muse in seven transcendent essays that explore journeys in the discovery of self, of home, and what it means to be human. The essays also explore loss and grief, of finding healing in the powerful presence of nature and in the awareness and experience of natural cycles. The tender eloquence of his writing and his compassion for all living things make for a contemplation of place in the tradition of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and Desert Solitaire. 

Twitter Chat Recap: Wholesale Strategy for University Presses

During our most recent Twitter Chat, Trent Harmon, Lead Buyer at Ingram Content Group, was kind enough to grace us with his presence as our special guest. While John Hussey and I did our best to stump him with our toughest Wholesale questions, it was a pleasure to see a number of University Presses join in on the conversation and worthy of a big cheer. (Thank you Kentucky, California, and Fordham!)  

Looking Ahead: Trends in Adult Publishing

By Ann Lehue, Manager, Collection Development Programs, MSIS

Ingram’s Collection Development librarians meet with publishers on a regular basis and frequently discuss what’s new and what’s changing in the publishing world. Everything—from the usual waxing and waning of genres, to experiments with formats, to a surge in the awareness of social issues, to the way social media impacts who gets published—factors into this season’s crop of new books.  

7 Ways Collection Analysis Tools Can Benefit Your Library

By Beth Reinker, Collection Development Librarian, MSLS

While collection development is both an art and a science, analyzing collection data has become a vital part of collection development in modern libraries. With so much data available in your ILS, the real struggle is finding the time and methods to analyze that data and make it meaningful. Collection analysis tools can help libraries use data to build stronger collections, spend their materials budgets more effectively, and make decisions for the future. Here are some reasons that a collection analysis tool might be a wise investment for your library.  

Author Q&A: James McBride

So, first things first—what are some common misconceptions about James Brown that really need to be cleared up?
He was much more than “The Godfather of Soul.” He was a son of the south. Very sensitive guy. Very misunderstood. A living symbol of what’s wrong and right about American history. 

Why Are Analytics Important for Your Book Sales?

Small and large businesses are harnessing the power of analytics systems to track inventory, monitor sales, and identify their target audiences. These platforms are tremendously useful for increasing sales and efficiency, and retailers aren't the only ones who benefit. 

Ingram Hosts a Twitter Chat

Introducing a new Twitter hour just for you, University Presses! #BuildUP is our first-ever Twitter chat that will connect University Presses with publishing experts and thought leaders from Ingram. Starting April 1 at 10:30-11:30 CST, you can catch us every first Friday of the month with a new topic.  

5 Steps to Make Book Writing Easy

So you have an amazing idea for a story you just can't stop thinking about. Sounds like it's time you put that on paper and share it with others! But writing a book is so hard, you say. Of course it can seem that way; your mind is full of characters, plots, and dramatic twists and turns. But if you can't find a way to organize those thoughts and get them out into one cohesive story, the idea of writing a book can seem daunting. Fear not. Here are five easy steps to help organize your thoughts so you can finally write that bestseller you've been dreaming up. 

Understanding E-Books in Libraries: When an E-book is Unavailable

Borrowing digital content from a library is not a new concept. Libraries have been lending DVDs, audio books, computer programs, and other digital media for many years. So when e-books became the new way to read sometime around 2010, it was only natural that librarians assumed they would be able to download e-books for their collections. That was not the case.