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Angie Thomas: On the Come Up

Angie Thomas, made her debut with the #1 New York Times-bestselling, award-winningThe Hate You Give. Thomas is a former rapper who holds a BFA in creative writing, was born, raised, and still resides in Jackson Mississippi. We are thrilled to be a part of her latest book, On the Come Up, and had the privilege of sitting down with Angie to discuss her newest story. 

Improve the Book Metadata that Matters

By Jake Handy,  @jakehandy
As the value of book discoverability metadata in the publishing industry becomes more known, it’s helpful to know exactly where authors and publishers are making the most mistakes. Thousands of new titles pass through Ingram’s metadata channels each and every day and each of these titles have dozens of metadata fields. It should be no question that the owners of all these titles should want to put out the very best metadata they can. 

You Asked, We Delivered: Curated ipage Lists to Make Your Work Easier

Sandra Farag, MLS, Manager, Collection Development Youth Materials and Beth Reinker, MSLS, Manager, Collection Development Adult Materials
Did you know that Ingram has a team of MLS-degreed librarians and paraprofessionals who have more than 350 years of experience in the industry? Like most of our department’s librarians, we both worked in public libraries before we came to Ingram, and we know firsthand how busy public librarians are. Now that we work for a vendor, our job is to help make your job easier. From hard-to-find topics to new publishing trends, we create the resources that we would have wanted when we were working in libraries. 

Retirements: Ingram’s “Standing Order Voices”- Rita Allison and Janet Hill

Ann Lehue, MSIS, Manager, Collection Development Programs
Have you ever had a standing order question, dialed the number, and found yourself speaking to a remarkably cheerful person with a British accent? Rita Allison and Janet Hill have served as the voices of our Standing Order Programs for over a decade, and they have worked at Ingram for a combined total of more than 58 years. Sadly for us, and happily for them, both Rita and Janet have announced their retirements for March 1. Our team has nicknamed this dark period in our history the Ingram Brexit

Stonewall, 50 Years Later

Laura Barkema, MLIS, Collection Development Librarian and Jenny McCluskey, MSLS, Collection Development Librarian
On June 28, 1969, at a bar called the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, a movement began. Hundreds of gay men, lesbians, drag queens, and trans people who were tired of being arrested and harassed for their sexual orientations or proclivities via police raids at their chosen establishments, such as the Stonewall Inn, stood up for themselves. They refused to be taken by the police and humiliated, so they started riots and protests that lasted all night into morning. The riots continued the following night. This escalation of anger and frustration by members of the gay community came to be known as the Stonewall Riots (or Uprising), and this year in June 2019 is the 50th Anniversary of this pivotal moment in the rights of LGBTQIA+ people today. 

Marketing Insights Series: Develop Your Book Audience

In our last post in this series, How to Build a Strong Book Marketing Foundation, we outlined a strategic approach to digital book marketing that begins with some core foundational elements – book metadata, author profiles, and publisher websites – to ensure you have all of the right groundwork in place for successful book marketing campaigns. Now you’re ready to start engaging with readers, building deeper relationships, and growing your online platform. 

#OnTheRoadULC: Featuring San Mateo Public Library // Two Librarians & A Microphone Podcast

Live from the Urban Libraries Council Annual Forum, we’re interviewing Carine Risley and Laura Liang from the San Mateo Public Library about their revamped Employee Evaluation Program.  

#OnTheRoadULC: Featuring Ottawa Public Library // Two Librarians & A Microphone Podcast

Live from the Urban Libraries Council Annual Forum, we’re interviewing Danielle McDonald from the Ottawa Public Library about their innovation Express eBooks program.  

Fresh & Diverse YA Story Collections

By Jill Andreasen, MLIS, Collection Development Librarian 

Face Your Fears with True Crime

Becky Walton, MLIS, Collection Development Librarian and Beth Reinker, MSLS, Manager, Collection Development Adult Materials