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Travel in the Time of Corona

By Laura Barkema, MLIS  

Staff Spotlight: Ann Lehue

With her bachelor’s degree in hand, the business of books had already proved to be a field Ann thoroughly enjoyed and one for which she possessed a natural talent. Throughout childhood, she’d escaped through books, and as a college undergraduate, she’d begun working at a well-known local bookstore. By graduation, she’d worked her way up to become a manager. 

Embracing the Librarian Stereotype – We’re Celebrating National Hot Tea Month

By Alex Arthun, MLS
If you came here for juicy gossip, I’m letting you know now this is not that kind of post. 

Power or Storytelling Part 3: Libraries’ Stories

Kathryn Shaw, Manager of Collection Development Programs  

Let Your Heart Be Light: Surviving the Holidays After Things (and We) Fall Apart

By Ann Lehue, MSIS, Senior Manager, Collection Development

Last December, I dutifully signed up to write my annual article about having a snarky holiday—I’m so snarky naturally that my writing professor in college forbade me from writing my essays in that voice, and my parents’ mantra was, “No one loves a smart aleck.” Harsh. It’s easier to do a snarky holiday article during a good year when everything sounds like horrible exaggeration instead of prophecy. It’s easier to get the right tone when we’re all in a state of manic frazzle rather than exhausted hypervigilance. To our library friends and family who’ve lost loved ones, jobs, library funding, homes, relationships, and even hope, I’m so sorry. I grieve with you for all the plans you looked forward to but that did not happen, that budget cuts will hurt the people in the community who have already suffered the most in our communities, that this virus took away some of our coworkers and loved ones, that things will never be the same. 

The Power of Storytelling; PART 2/3: COVID 19 Stories

Kathryn Shaw, Manager of Collection Development Programs 

Top Adult Fiction Debut Titles of 2020

Rachel Montgomery, MLS, Collection Development Librarian  

Staff Spotlight: Get to Know Dana Lynch

Like many teenagers, Dana had no idea of what she wanted to do when she grew up. But she read widely and filled her room with books, partly because she’d joined several mail-in book clubs. “Not only that,” she adds, “I could go to a library, happily stay all day long, and then come home with a couple of bags of books I’d checked out.” 

Hidden No More: Women’s Stories Revealed

Laura Barkema, MLIS, Collection Development Librarian 

Get to Know (Y)our Collection Development Team: April Berry

For as long as she can remember, April has been interested in psychology. This probably explains why she’s a huge Stephen King fan and a true crime junkie. There’s a sweeter side to her tastes, though: April’s hobby is baking and decorating cakes, and for years she has accepted requests from friends and coworkers for one of her impressive creations. She also adores anything – anything! – pumpkin spice. Not surprisingly, she’s delighted the Northern Hemisphere is now in autumn, her favorite season.