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Best Metadata Practices

Jennifer McCord and Aubrey White 

#OnTheRoadULC: Featuring Austin Public Library // Two Librarians & A Microphone Podcast

Live from the Urban Libraries Council Annual Forum, we’re interviewing Cesar Garza from the Austin Public Library about their Social Media Ambassadors Program.  

12 Days of Giving with BINC

Tis' the season for giving! 
With twinkling lights and snow covered streets, many are preparing for end-of-the-year festivities. Not only is this a time to prepare for future endeavors that lie before us in 2019, it is a season when people reach out to friends, family, and their community to give back. 

Books Boost Movie and Television Adaptation Success

By Ann Cox, MLS, Collection Development Librarian and Wendy Rancier, MLS, Collection Development Librarian 
Any pop culture fan can tell you that books and comics are currently the hottest source material for Hollywood. In 2017, eight of the top ten highest grossing movies in the domestic market were based on stories or characters originally found in print, with Black Panther poised to claim the top spot in 2018

Just a Comic Book: A Defense of Children’s Nonfiction Graphic Novels

Jenny McCluskey, MSIS, Collection Development Librarian
What do you think of when you hear the term “graphic novel?” Superheroes, check. Manga, check. Fun stuff, right? And what about the term “nonfiction graphic novel?” Does that suggest popular classics of the medium, such as Persepolis or Maus? Or maybe newer standards come to mind, such as Congressman John Lewis’ New York Times-bestselling MARCH trilogy? Suddenly we see a great divide that is unfortunately still a very real misperception; that reading books that are fun cannot also be educational, and vice versa. 

#OnTheRoadULC: Featuring DC Public Library // Two Librarians & A Microphone Podcast

Live from the Urban Libraries Council Annual Forum, we’re interviewing Richard Reyes-Gavilan from the DC Public Library about their Memory Lab Network Project.

#OnTheRoadULC: Featuring Lexington Public Library // Two Librarians & A Microphone Podcast

Listen in as Lexington Public Library gives details on how to banish snow day boredom with fun, indoor activities that can be replicated by parents and library peers with ultimate ease.

Using Data to Influence Decision Making in Your Library

I recently had the chance to sit in on a webinar that my colleague Donna George, Director of Sales Operations and Product Development, hosted.  The webinar was all about using Analytics tools to aid in decision making. The panelists consisted of Sam Cook, Systems Library for The Library Connection in Connecticut; Emily Althoff, Public Services Administrator for St. Louis County Library; and Mo Yang, Studio Coordinator at Anythink Libraries in Colorado.  

#OnTheRoadULC: Featuring Hartford Public Library // Two Librarians & A Microphone Podcast

During episode 4 of our #OnTheRoadULC road trip, we sat down with top innovators Noma Naficy and Beverly Redd to discuss their workforce and economic development programming at Hartford Public Library in Connecticut.  

Preparing for a Future of Click-free Search Results

So, SEOers were looking at searches on desktop and mobile devices and clicks that led to business goals (or not). Tweak sites and repeat. That’s what we did.