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​Print on Demand: Never Miss a Sale

In today’s society, consumers crave instant gratification. The tech industry has changed our perception on the distribution of services and products, and the internet has made these resources easily accessible. We have become accustomed to a type of lifestyle that allows us to fulfill our needs almost immediately. With technology becoming more advanced, it is vital to your sales and customer satisfaction to quickly fill readers’ orders before they find another source.

Therefore, it is key to ensure that your shelves and inventory are stocked when selling a book. However, due to the rise in the digital age, it has become harder to predict print book sales. Trying to guess how many books to keep in stock can leave you with two major problems:

  • Too many books results in unsold inventory and added warehousing costs
  • Too few books results in lost sales when stock is depleted

So, how can you only spend money on printing what you will sell to avoid losing capital? We can help you fill a customer’s needs immediatly to avoid losing the sale.

Your Solution 

Print on demand is your answer. Think of print on demand as a distribution solution, not just a printing solution. Some publishers have known this secret for years. When it comes to book printing, customers are unaware if it is a large offset run, or whether their book was printed exclusively using print on demand. All they know is that the book is available when they want it.

While this increases customer satisfaction, there are advantages for publishers:

  • They don’t lose a sale
  • There's no need to spend capital on extra warehouse space
  • Quickly meeting demand improves customer satisfaction

Your Global Book Distribution Partner

What about global book distribution? That's a key problem when your one warehouse is in countries away from your customers. With print on demand facilities across the world, your book can be printed and in your customer's hands faster than you can ship books from a central warehouse.

What about odd trim sizes, large format, different paper types, bindings, and covers? We can handle that too. In fact, today’s print on demand quality is so impressive, only you will know whether it came from us or from your warehouse.

Bring Publishing into the 21st Century -- and Beyond

Generate more revenue without the additional cost of warehousing, costly shipping, and fulfillment. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? But it isn't — it's available today with print on demand. With print on demand, customers, bookstores, or libraries see that your book inventory is always available. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re capturing every opportunity and at the same time offering a better value. Customers get their books; you get your revenue.

Isn't it time you looked into print on demand for your business? Let's talk.