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Publishing in 21st Century

With digital you get more. But more of what? That’s the question, and the answer is up to you. All too often, going digital can mean more of what you don’t need. More data that you don’t know what to do with. More expense. More assets, formats and channels to manage. More reliance on Amazon. More hassle and more headache.

But there is another way to go digital. An option that results in more access, more revenue and more time to enjoy your success. And more good news: whether you’re converting print books, repurposing digital content, or a self-publisher eager to break into this fast-growing market, you don’t have to be especially tech savvy to take advantage of all digital has to offer.

CoreSource, along with Ingram’s global distribution network, makes going digital simple. It’s a comprehensive digital asset management and distribution solution that streamlines the managerial and organizational tasks so you can focus on your core business: publishing new content.

Upload, Distribute, Connect

Smarter tech has opened the door to new formats, which in turn has given rise to more outlets and endless opportunities. With CoreSource you can manage and distribute any digital file, whether related to eBooks or audio books, all on one platform.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, upload e-content and metadata to Ingram’s secure platform. Next, release it to your business partners with quick manual or automated distribution. Then, connect to any of more than 430 business partners. We’ll even help you to price your content in any currency for sales where you have the rights. All that’s left is to sit back and reap the benefits:

  • Metadata standardization—submit once and your content can be made available across all channels
  • Fast, secure automated distribution to 39,000 retailers and libraries around the globe
  • Distribution to the most widely accessed channels: Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple iBook
  • A complete audit trail to ensure you know where your content is at all times
  • Comprehensive reporting including real-time feedback on all your e-content’s activity
  • Managed file conversion services—fast, efficient conversion using a community of partners

No wonder CoreSource is the market leader, with over 167 million successful distributions of content in 2015 alone.

More than DAM (Digital Asset Management)

Beyond automated asset management and global distribution, Ingram offers key services to help CoreSource users optimize their digital publishing endeavors.

Data analytics can help you make the smartest business decisions—if you know how to look at the numbers. Ingram iQ Sales Aggregation gives you comprehensive sales data, insightful reporting, and inventory analysis and distribution statistics.

Custom publishing allows you to re-mix and re-use the content you already have to create endless opportunities. Use Ingram Construct to combine content to create anthologies, collections or compilations; remove content to create shorter books; update cover art or content to create new editions, and more.

Learn More

More than 2,600 publishers and distributors worldwide are using CoreSource to simplify their workflow and sell more. Visit Ingram at the 2017 DBW Conference & Expo, Booth 3 to see how CoreSource is changing the business of publishing.