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How You Can Revolutionize Your Bookstore’s Email Marketing Strategy

Bookstore marketing has become more important than ever in the digital age of readers opting to use tablets or e-readers instead of buying print copies. Bookstores have to up their marketing techniques in response to the changing landscape of book buying and selling and take to the web to solve gaps in outdated marketing strategies.

Traditionally, bookstores use standard email blasts to generate brand awareness and get readers interested in their stores. This tactic has been largely successful, but due to improved email spam analytics and more tech-savvy users, standard marketing campaigns often fall short of expectations. Luckily, free email marketing is still a viable option for bookstores and has the potential to completely revamp your store’s marketing strategy – all with a little help from IngramSendr.

What’s IngramSendr?

IngramSendr is a new platform to replace traditional emailing marketing techniques with newer, modern methods of creating and sending emails. Bookstores can use IngramSendr to revive outdated email marketing platforms through all-inclusive predesigned templates, easy content insertion, and fast publishing options.

IngramSendr’s templates let you create staff picks, promotions or sales notices, new release announcements, newsletters, author events, and more. It has the ability to create and publish polished, professional, attractive pieces of content instead of basic, boring emails.

Once you’ve chosen your template, easily add any information you want, including video content and imagery. You can drag-and-drop content from your desktop or from the web and immediately see the updated template. You can edit, rearrange, delete, and update content in an existing email easily to keep up with changing information or new developments.

IngramSendr uses advanced technology to make your email-creating experience as simple and fun as possible. We use drag-and-drop interfacing, moveable widgets, and helpful hints so you’re never alone in your experience and can always find the tools you need.

Why Should I Choose IngramSendr Over Standard Email?

Aside from the benefits listed above, bookstore owners will benefit from using IngramSendr because of the wide reach our emails have. Instead of being limited to your bookstore’s current emailing platform, Sendr lets you upload predesigned content in more effective ways. You can reach a much larger audience with IngramSendr by quickly and easily positing your email to other social media platforms, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

There are dozens of other options depending on how many people you want to reach and your target audience. Your email will retain its design across different channels, ensuring content will not be disrupted by different devices or separate platforms.

You can also convert the email to a print version and print it using any standard printer to instantly have high-quality hard copies to post around your bookstore or distribute around the community. Standard emails can be printed, but they don’t look professional and don’t attract readers.

If you want to send your email out to a pre-established emailing list, simply copy and paste your list of email addresses into IngramSendr. Send it with our site, or export the HTML to use with your own email provider. Finally, you can publish your email as a web page on its own or include it in your bookstore’s blog or website.

Sign up for IngramSendr for free today, and experience the best way to email.