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Twitter Chat Recap: Wholesale Strategy for University Presses

During our most recent Twitter Chat, Trent Harmon, Lead Buyer at Ingram Content Group, was kind enough to grace us with his presence as our special guest. While John Hussey and I did our best to stump him with our toughest Wholesale questions, it was a pleasure to see a number of University Presses join in on the conversation and worthy of a big cheer. (Thank you Kentucky, California, and Fordham!)

For those of you who missed it or for a quick refresher, below you’ll find a recap of our Wholesale conversation. We can't wait to see you next #BuildUP Twitter Hour on Friday, May 5 at 10:30-11:30 CST.

Hi, it's Trent Harmon, Lead Content Manager working exclusively with UPs for three years! Ask me what you want to know. #BuildUP

Q1: Hey Trent, UPs are always asking me what's Wholesale's penetration into the international market? #BuildUP

A1: We sell into over 150 countries and UPs are always surprised at their penetration via Ingram into international sales channels. #BuildUP

Q2: Well, what is @IngramContent currently doing to extend its customer base? #BuildUP

A2: Programs like Ingram Complete expose customers to Ingram's products and services both domestically and internationally.

We are also working to expand our indie bookstore network globally through US and Int'l sales teams and partnerships. The important thing for publishers to remember is that title availability is essential for a growing customer base.

Q3: What's the top few countries of growth for UPs internationally?#BuildUP

A3: Top countries of growth for UPs: UK, Germany, and Canada #BuildUP

Q4: Any interesting trends you see in the UP market that is unique to the segment? #BuildUP

A4: Trade & trade discounted titles seem to be growing momentum over the past 3 years, with monographs we're seeing the opposite.

Making hardcovers available in the library market at a higher list price is beneficial for both the library and the publisher. #BuildUP

Q5: Any ideas for maintaining or increasing monograph sales? #BuildUP

A5: Demand for monographs is volatile and maintaining a high fill rate can be difficult. Availability through a POD program is key. #BuildUP

Q6: What's the difference between POD or PTO? #BuildUP

A6: POD is a strategy that includes different programs like PTO or print to order, short run or direct to publisher orders. #BuildUP

Q7: UPs sometimes ask me what you need from them to make smart buying decisions? #BuildUP

A7: Accurate and timely metadata as well as two or three comparable titles. #BuildUP

Q8: How does Wholesale allocate stock to different Distribution Centers? #BuildUP

A8: Stock will always go into the Nashville DC. Additional stock will be placed in other DCs based on anticipated regional demand. #BuildUP

Q9:  What is the average turnaround time to ship out from the DCs? #BuildUP

A9: The vast majority of the country gets their orders from us in 2 days.

Q10: Why does Amazon say my title will be available in 4-6 weeks when you have it in stock? #BuildUP

A10: Amazon takes our stock feed and runs it through their own criteria to determine their customer-facing message. #BuildUP

Alright, we're wrapping it up now! If you have any more questions, let us know. Join us for the next #BuildUP Friday, May 6 at 10:30 CDT. :)

A big thanks to everyone who participated and a shout-out to Trent for taking time out of his day to answer our questions. Hope to see you then!

And remember, if you ever have pressing questions that need answers, no need to wait for our next chat, feel free to send us an email—we are always more than happy to help.