iCurate® Complimentary: ipage® Lists to Save You Time

October 4, 2021
Beth Reinker, MSLS, Manager, Collection Development Curation
iCurate® Complimentary: ipage® Lists to Save You Time

Before I joined the Ingram team, I was an Ingram customer. Nevertheless, when I started working here in 2014, I was shocked to learn about resources I hadn't known were available to me as a customer. I remember those first months here at Ingram feeling like I had missed out on many time-saving resources. Now that I’m “in the know,” I want to share some of those tips to help you get the most out of the resources we offer.

iCurate® Complimentary is the term we use for all of Ingram’s complimentary collection development services. Ingram’s complimentary ipage® lists, created in-house by our Collection Development team, are a key part of iCurate Complimentary.

These are some of my top tips for getting the most value out of Ingram’s complimentary ipage lists.

Trending Curated Lists

Did you know that Ingram’s Collection Development team creates new ipage lists and updates existing ones every week? In 2020 alone, we added or updated over 2,150 ipage lists. That’s an average of 41 lists added or updated every week! That’s a lot of lists, so it’s understandable that you might miss new resources available, and this is why we’ve created a Trending Curated Lists page to help you see what’s new. Each month, we highlight our newest lists on this page, making it simple for you to find new resources to save you time and make your work easier.

Top Library Titles

Our Top Library Titles lists are some of the most popular lists on ipage, and it’s no surprise. Librarians always want to know what titles are popular to be sure they're adding trending titles to their collections. Updated quarterly, our Top Library Titles lists let you peruse  titles most popular among Ingram’s library customers. They’re great for replenishing a collection after weeding or finding popular new titles for your collection. Trending Curated Lists are available for many collections for Adults, Teens, and Children.

K12, Children’s, and Teen Lists

We’ve always had K12 lists, and we’ve had Children’s and Teen lists, though we’ve noticed that public librarians are often hesitant to use the K12 lists. While we target those lists toward school librarians’ needs, we also include excellent resources for public librarians. Likewise, there are some wonderful tools for school librarians one can find under the Children’s and Teen sections. Don’t let the labels dissuade you from using these valuable resources for your collection development work!

Homework Help

In early 2021, we added a Homework Help section under K12. The lists in this section can help with homework requests, and they’re excellent resources for both public and school librarians. We add new topics regularly, so there are always new subjects to consider.

Virtual Book Display

Our team adds many new lists each month under our Virtual Book Display section. These lists are based on trends we see in publishing, libraries, or pop culture. They’re useful for display ideas or for refreshing your collection on a specific topic. With lists available for Adult, Teen, and Children’s materials, there’s something for everyone.

Big Books

At my library, one of my responsibilities was buying big books for our storytime collection. I spent more time than I’d like to admit searching for available titles (it’s really not as easy as I’d like). Soon after I came to Ingram, though, I stumbled across our Big Books list and was floored. I realized that I could have avoided so much work had I only known to look for this regularly updated list. Learn from my mistakes on this, please, and take advantage of this list!

Spanish Language Materials

Many libraries struggle to find new materials in Spanish for their collections. But, fear not! We have regularly updated lists on a variety of topics for Adults, Teens, and Children -- in Spanish. We even have separate lists for bilingual picture books and bilingual board books to make it easy to start a bilingual collection or to refresh an existing one.


We know the importance of cultivating a diverse, inclusive collection for your community. But we also know it can be difficult to find materials to do so. Therefore, we provide a suite of lists, of Adult, Teen, and Children’s titles, to help you find diverse new titles for your collection.

HITS/Greatest HITS

One common concern librarians have is identifying and ordering popular titles in advance of patron demand. We know that this can be difficult to achieve when there are so many avenues to learn about new titles. Our HITS lists, available for Adult, Teen, and Children’s collections, are a great way to stay ahead of the curve. These are lists of high interest titles publishing each month. Because they’re available two months prepublication, you can review the titles and place orders in time for patrons to begin placing holds on them.

Greatest HITS Lists for Lucky Day Collections

Libraries with Lucky Day collections may also find our Adult Greatest HITS lists helpful. Greatest HITS are the top titles from the monthly HITS lists. These lists of 20-30 Fiction and Nonfiction titles per month can make it easy to plan and target your buying for your Lucky Day collection.

Expertly Curated Icon

You may have noticed the new Expertly Curated icon added in ipage last year. It denotes titles that appear on one of our complimentary ipage lists, which you can see in the Search Results view.

Titles that appear on one of our curated lists also now include a note on the title detail page indicating the name of the list on which it appears. For even more convenience, the hyperlink takes you directly to that specific list.

This is a valuable tool because it allows you to see additional titles similar to the one you’re currently viewing. It can help you find other new and popular titles, titles on seasonal or holiday lists, or even popular titles within the same Dewey range.

Our team frequently adds new lists based on publishing trends and librarian requests, as well as on our own experience as librarians working in the field. We work continually to improve offerings to better meet our customers’ needs, and we welcome your ideas! If you would like to suggest a list topic, please contact us at

Your Ingram Library Services Sales representative would love to help you learn more about our iCurate Complimentary resources. Even if you’ve been an ipage user for years, planning a regular demonstration with a sales representative can help you stay up-to-date with new time-saving ipage tools.

iCurate® Complimentary: ipage® Lists to Save You Time
Beth Reinker, MSLS, Manager, Collection Development Curation

Beth Reinker, MSLS, Manager, Collection Development Curation

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