iCurate Complimentary Spotlight: SOP Changes

January 4, 2023
iCurate Complimentary Spotlight: SOP Changes

By Gina Molter, MLIS, Manager, Collection Development Services

Here in Collection Development, we are constantly evaluating things. In addition to evaluating the new titles coming out to find the best ones for you, through our complimentary ipage lists, our SOP lists, or any of our other iCurate Products, we also constantly evaluate our products and lists, to make sure they are meeting your needs in the ever-changing world of publishing.

To that end, we will be changing two of our most popular Standing Order Plans in the new year to better meet your needs.

  • We will be merging the two current large print offerings on our Author (Adult) Standing Order Program into one. The program has always operated on the premise that the first-published large print edition is what will run on the program. That will still be true. However, in the past, this meant that customers who wanted large print had to sign up for both binding types if they wanted to make sure they got notified of an author’s new large print titles. That process will now be simplified. All new customers will just have to select the large print offering and the program will notify you of the newest titles regardless of binding type. And for you existing customers, we will take care of merging your current offerings for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!
  • We will also begin offering Trade Paperback as a binding option on the Author (Adult) Standing Order Program. This has been requested by many of our customers, and we have heard you! Because of this new service, our Inspirational Fiction program, which focused on the Trade Paperback bindings, will now be merged with our Author (Adult) program to make signing up for all the authors and binding types you want easy and convenient! You no longer have to maintain profiles for separate programs, and you can receive all of your authors’ titles on the same list. And don’t worry if you are an existing Inspirational Fiction customer- we will migrate your profiles to the Author (Adult) program, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

The librarians and trained staff of Collection Development know just how busy and crazy it can be in a library. That’s why we iCurate-- so you don’t have to!

iCurate Complimentary Spotlight: SOP Changes

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