Discover Monthly Forthcoming Titles That Mind Gaps & Manage Duplicates

January 6, 2020
Ann Lehue
Discover Monthly Forthcoming Titles That Mind Gaps & Manage Duplicates

Are you trying to do more with less to please your patrons? Do you wish you had more time to focus on selecting local titles, special collections, or creating fun and exciting community programs? We have heard you and have created an affordable, subscription-based suite of monthly lists that eliminates the work needed to manage the gaps, duplicates, and balance of your collection.

Easily manage new and forthcoming titles with our suite of librarian-curated lists (no robots here) delivered on the first of every month within ipage. Featuring far more than simply the bestsellers, this annual subscription offers three size options by category so you can efficiently maintain a relevant collection by allowing our librarians to do the heavy lifting. You can subscribe to Adult, Children’s, and/or Teen lists in either small, medium, or large—there is no price difference between sizes, and you can change the size at any time.

Our Collection Development team stays on top of publishing and cultural trends and uses their public library experience to tailor each list to show what they would want in their own public library collection to increase circulation. The lists are balanced according to the typical American public library—more picture books than board books, more YA fiction than nonfiction, more Adult Nonfiction 600s than 400s—and include options for adults, children, and teens. The lists will also reflect publishing industry schedules and will reflect the seasonality of different subjects throughout the year.

Want to keep your series and continuations standing order programs, and to make sure you don’t accidentally order duplicates? Your enrollment includes a bonus deduping feature that filters EANs/ISBNs that you hold, have on order, or have in another list already. Simply click in the left filter bar and select the duplicates that you want to include and/or exclude:

Your iCurate Coming Soon lists will not duplicate each other, so you will never see the same title run multiple times on a list or on multiple lists. Furthermore, just as we never reduce a discount when you order a list through a standing order program, we will not reduce a discount for titles that run on these lists—there are no hidden costs.

Coming Soon lists will reflect the binding preferences of most of our customers:

  1. Hardcover
  2. Trade Paperback
  3. Library Binding
  4. Mass Market Paperback

and will include originals only, unless it is a new edition with updated content.

Coming Soon lists are selected using a rolling set of publication dates (Last Month + Current Month + 3 Months). Titles may be included up to 120 days prepublication. The bulk of the list will be the latest month available; titles from other months in the date range may also be included based on predicted popularity and review coverage. Drop-in titles will also be included to be sure your library sees popular titles that you won’t want to miss. These are the titles that our librarians believe are needed to build a balanced collection over the course of the year. They will include bestsellers as well as standard titles and topics needed to round out a public library collection.

The lists sent as part of Coming Soon are based on the typical library’s needs, and the lists cannot be changed. If your library has different needs, our Collection Development team will be happy to discuss them with you to provide a price quote for custom monthly curated lists for your library. Some libraries may choose to supplement through standing order programs, ipage lists, or custom lists if they collect more deeply in areas such as travel, continuations, or local history.

Subscribe to all three lists and save ~10% at $2,100 per year (12 months)! Plus, the bonus deduping feature is included free with any subscription.

Discover Monthly Forthcoming Titles That Mind Gaps & Manage Duplicates
Ann Lehue

Ann Lehue

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