Library Cataloging and Processing

When it comes to cataloging and processing new books there are likely a ton of other things you’d rather your staff be doing. Like taking bigger steps to making your library a more viable source of information for your community or planning your next big event.

With quick and accurate cataloging and processing services from Ingram, your books are ready to jump right into circulation as soon as they arrive. It's so efficient it is like adding to your library staff without adding to your library’s operational expenses, so your valuable time can be spent elsewhere!

Custom Cataloging

Get the hours you spend cataloging books and audio/visual materials back and get them into circulation faster.

  • Our team of master catalogers creates or upgrades MARC records to fit your library’s unique needs.
  • Utilize our processing services and once the books arrive all you need to do is verify they match your requirements and just like that they are ready to go!

Custom Processing

With unique custom processing options, your books and audio/visual materials are ready for borrowing, circulating as soon as they arrive on your doorstep. Whatever you need, we’ve got it:

  • Spine labels
  • Laminates
  • Bar code labels
  • Theft detection
  • Property stamps
  • RFID tags
  • Mylar jackets
  • and more!

Custom Processing

Digital Processing

Ingram also provides digital processing for audio/visual materials.

Our exclusive one surface printing combines all customizable stickers on a single reformatted reprint. Product options include spine label, special alerts, contents label, platform, and logo options to name a few. This accommodating printing stimulates patrons’ interest and increases circulation by featuring your library’s logo and brand identity without harming the original artwork. We print to the exact size of the designated casing then trim and insert the single printed piece to match your custom profile.

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