Complimentary Curation Services

Here at Ingram we believe libraries are vibrant community centers that enrich the lives of millions of people everyday. We also think libraries play an integral role in developing the reading population, keeping books relevant and the knowledge flowing. That’s a huge responsibility!

We support libraries in their mission by making collection development easy and affordable so they always know they are giving patrons exactly the books they want, with plenty of time, energy, and funding leftover to spend on building better services for the community

Standing Order Programs

Ingram eases the burden of keeping up with popular titles and series. With a variety of standing order programs for you to choose from, we can help you tailor programs to meet the needs of your library—and the interests of your patrons.

Our MLS-degreed librarians and media specialists manage each program to include the materials that generate the highest circulation. Programs cover specific focuses in popular categories like:

Choose just one or try them all. These programs allow for additional freedom and flexibility by giving you the option to choose to receive only reports or have everything auto-shipped, all controlled through our all-inclusive order and account management platform ipage®.


iSelect helps you select new titles appropriate for your library—and gets them to you fast.

Title selections are based on Ingram’s buying level of pre-publication titles. You select the categories and indicate the levels you want to see. Once Ingram makes a purchase of a forthcoming title at your pre-determined level you are automatically notified.

Whether you’re looking for the hottest titles in certain categories or new titles by certain publishers, iSelect is fully customizable and designed to meet the needs and interests of your library.

Review AlertSM

Scanning title reviews in the industry’s top journals, making selections on paper, and searching for titles online is a time-consuming task.

Review Alert is a convenient and FREE way to streamline the selection process.

  1. Monthly email alerts notify you when titles are reviewed in the journals you select.
  2. Easy access to ipage allows you to quickly place orders for the books you want.

There are four Review Alert programs to choose from, including Adult, Adult Reference, Youth, and Youth Reference titles. You can participate in just one—or all four—and all lists can be sorted by Dewey.

You customize your Review Alert program from the following journals:


Ingram's comprehensive family of print and electronic trade catalogs showcases forthcoming and recently-published titles in an attractive, easy-to-follow layout. Our catalogs also feature relevant and timely editorial content including author interviews, merchandising tips, and product news to help librarians stay current on industry trends.


E-newsletters from Ingram provide libraries with useful information on industry trends and upcoming new releases in the form of brief, concise updates that allow you to stay current and maintain an active, competitive inventory.

Themes include, but are not limited to:

Only the news you need to keep you in the library loop.

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