Custom Curation

Because they all serve different communities with unique qualities and preferences, no two libraries are the same. Outside of the handful of books that are guaranteed high levels of circulation it takes a large effort on your part to filter out the books that speak most to your patrons from the rest.

For a more flexible and customizable approach to curation and collection development consider what Ingram can do for you. We offer a suite of practical library services customizable to your workflow, matching the unique needs of your patrons so you always have the right titles, at the right price, at the right time.

Customized Services

Before opening day and throughout the life of your library, you can depend on Ingram to provide the title selection and programs customized to fit your operation, your needs, your budget, and your individual patrons.

Cataloging & Processing

Trust in our team of library professionals to have your books ready to hit the shelves as soon as they arrive and save time on those routine collection development tasks.

With speed and accuracy we match the precise specifications of your own catalog using an authoritative bibliographic database along with additional customized services to create a consistent model of your current cataloging and processing workflow.

Ingram provides more than 100 different processing options customized to your requirements.

Better World Books

Ingram and Better World Books have come together to help libraries turn old books into new books. As you weed your collection, Better World Books assists in surplus removal and sells or recycles those materials--nothing goes to waste. Better World Books then issues a credit towards the purchase of new books from Ingram for your library.

This service is not available to K-12 Libraries.

Opening Day Collections

Our goal is to help you create a library that is as unique as your community. With our inventory and expertise, Ingram provides a balanced collection ready for your shelves. We also have customizable processing and cataloging services designed to save time on routine collection development functions.

Collection Development

Having a huge selection of books offers a huge advantage to helping start you off in the right direction, but it means nothing if we can’t point you to the right titles. Our profiling program provides a clear picture of your collection needs while considering your timeline and budget.

  1. We listen to the specifics of your project, and then create customized selection lists in an electronic, user-friendly format.
  2. You have the ability to view and edit your lists in several different ways, each title including comprehensive data such as:
    1. Bibliographic information
    2. Review citations
    3. Series lists
    4. Annotations
    5. And more!
Cataloging & Processing

Powered by our authoritative cataloging database and supported by our team of MLS-degreed librarians, plus with more than 100 different processing options for books, audio books, video, and DVDs, we can create the perfect custom program to meet your opening day requirements.

Options include:

Shelf Ready

Ingram's shelf-ready collections include not only processing but also storage and shipment in Rough or Strict Dewey Sort. Your profiles are closely followed so that your collection arrives ready to be placed on the shelves in time for opening day.

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