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Accelerate Circulation with Real-Time Data

Enhance collection performance with an intuitive analytics system that seamlessly integrates with library management systems to align patron demand and industry performance for data-driven action planning.

Book Collection Performance Assessment


& Locations


Against Peer Libraries
Across the Nation


Over &
Understocked Areas


Action Plans to
Align with Patron Demand

In collaboration with Edelweiss+ (Above the Treeline’s online publisher catalog for book-industry professionals to discover and download advance review copies), Edelweiss + Analytics provides libraries cost-effective solutions to stay on top of circulation trends, benchmark performance, and maximize collection budget.

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“Our budget is limited, but so is our time. This helps us make the most of both
and gives us something to show our board.”

Analysis & Action

Edelweiss+Analytics Basecamp

Focus collection development efforts with a State of the Collection Report—a regular assessment of your library’s book performance compared to peers on four measures of collection health across 45 genres.

The State of the Collection Report


What portion of your collection has been active in the last year?


How does your library compare to ownership of retail top sellers?

Hit Rate

How have your new titles circulated compared to peers?


How many times has each genre turned compared to other libraries?

Rank Genres

Compare genres to one another based on peer benchmarked performance.

Genre Action Planning

Drive action planning by comparing your genres to other public libraries.

Holdings Assessment

Assess your holdings to the average share among peers to identify opportunities.

“I never realized how useful it would be to learn from other libraries AND independent bookstores.”

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Edelweiss+Analytics Summit

Take action with Summit, Edelweiss+Analytics top tier of collection analytics, including the features of Basecamp along with additional analytics to align your collection with patron demand.

Peak Collection Development Analytics

Most Popular Titles

Identify the titles patrons love and weed those gathering dust.

Not Yet Released Titles

Uncover new and upcoming titles you may have missed.

Weeding Profiles

Identifying potentially worn and poorly circulating titles.

Category Performance

Discover potential gaps in your collection and identify how to fix them.

Collection Analysis

Keep track of top performers and prioritize areas that require attention.

Location Comparisons

Compare branches and identify opportunities to improve synergy.

What titles could we move to other locations?
What could we weed?
What am I missing?

Align your collection with patron demand and accelerate circulation.


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