Ingram Content Group Expands Colour POD Solution to U.K. and Europe


The addition of colour book printing in the U.K. accelerates speed to market

MILTON KEYNES, U.K. – Ingram Content Group Inc. today announced the launch of print-on-demand colour book manufacturing in its United Kingdom facility. The new service allows publishers to print books closer to the consumer, improve availability, and accelerate delivery of a greater range of titles.

"In the times in which we are living, publishers need to be looking at every option to ensure that books can be immediately available to people who want to buy them," said David Taylor, Senior Vice President, Content Acquisition International, Ingram Content Group. "The on-demand printing of colour books in the U.K. will allow the many thousands of publishers with whom we already work more options to get high-quality, colour books to the market quickly."

Ingram Content Group's colour book programme expansion provides publishers with the option to use an on-demand model for a greater range of titles. The addition of colour book manufacturing capability in the U.K. will substantially improve the delivery time of hardcover colour books. In addition, paperback colour books will now manufacture and ship from Ingram’s Lightning Source U.K. facility in two working days.

Print-on-demand allows a publisher or bookseller to print or order one copy of a book at a time. The inventory-free model cuts costs and waste, minimizes returns, can revive backlist sales and keeps titles in print indefinitely.

Ingram's print-on-demand unit Lightning Source® will begin printing its premium colour book option for publishers in its U.K. facility this week. Its standard colour offer will also be available in the U.K. soon.

To learn more about colour print-on-demand capability from Ingram visit our colour information page.

About Ingram
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