Ingram Puts the Power of Data in Libraries’ Hands with New Edelweiss Analytics Tool


Simple online tool provides libraries with near real-time, user-friendly data and information  

NASHVILLE, TN – Ingram Library Services Inc., an Ingram Content Group Inc. company, expands the services it provides libraries with the addition of timely analytics and data powered by Above the Treeline's Edelweiss Analytics, a web-based, interactive collection analysis tool. It gives libraries access to the most accurate and up-to-date information available on library circulation, retail sales data, title data and much more.   

"Information is power, and Ingram is proud to provide libraries with an easy-to-use analytics tool that empowers libraries with information to enhance their collections and service to patrons," said Dan Sheehan, Vice President and General Manager, Ingram Content Group library services. "At Ingram, we will continue to help libraries take advantage of our technology, resources and connections with industry leaders like Above the Treeline to discover ways to increase relevancy and enhance their positions as central and vital parts of their communities."

Edelweiss Analytics tracks library circulation and monitors collections, provides recommendations on removing and/or adding titles that are demanded by readers and notifies libraries when current holdings do not meet demand. Using near real-time data from the platform, libraries can manage selection and ordering of pre-publication titles, achieve optimal collection balance and manage collection projects.  

"The Analytics system for libraries is based on our system that has been in use by most of the major independent booksellers for the last 12 years," said John Rubin, President and CEO of Above the Treeline. "The booksellers have gotten great value from it through the years and it’s been a really rewarding experience to work with Ingram and their collection development experts to develop an equally valuable system for libraries." 

The web-based analytics solution is seamlessly integrated with Ingram's ipage® search and order platform and Above the Treeline's Edelweiss publisher catalog program. Through a direct link, libraries can view titles in publisher catalogs and order materials directly from Ingram. In addition, libraries will also have the capability to download digital advance reader copies of titles from Edelweiss using the new solution.  

Driven by data, Edelweiss Analytics helps libraries make smart and informed decisions based on trends and usage, and also helps align spending with circulation trends. Libraries can balance purchasing of content with removal, avoid overspending and save staff time by providing in-depth and automated reports on how patrons are using their collection.

Edelweiss Analytics for Ingram library customers is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2015.

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About Above the Treeline/Edelweiss
Above the Treeline, LLC was formed in 2002 to provide Independent booksellers with web-based analytical tools to help manage inventory and improve sales. The company expanded its services with the launch of Edelweiss in May of 2009 by Above the Treeline, which has since seen rapid and widespread adoption within the publishing community. Edelweiss helps publishers improve catalog accuracy, reduce catalog costs, and optimize their sales and marketing efforts.  Today, Edelweiss is the place to find, learn about and order titles, and download advanced review copies for thousands of book-industry professionals. Almost 9,000 imprints are represented in Edelweiss from a range of publishers, from the largest US trade publishers to much smaller independent or distributed houses, including a growing number of publishers based outside the US. For more information, visit

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