Ebook Distribution and Digital
Book Management

It is a great time for ebooks and digital content. With more devices in the hands of more people all over the world, accessibility is at an all time high. Good news for readers. Great news for you.

Ingram ties together superior digital distribution technology with one of the world’s largest ebook distribution networks—all in one place—making it simple for you to reach a bigger global audience and sell more ebooks, digital textbooks, audiobooks . . . you get it.

You don’t need to be a tech geek to jump headfirst into this booming market. See how the big brains at Ingram can get your ebooks on more devices worldwide so you have more time to concentrate on building your business.

Digital Publishing and Management

Digital publishing success comes easily through Ingram's CoreSource platform. And when we say “success,” we mean world ebook domination. That’s what the more than 22,000 publishers worldwide that use our digital distribution and management services connecting to over 430 distribution partners such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, and Kobo, will tell you.

  • All your eBook data lives in one place, giving you complete control, down to the most minute metadata details
  • Automated global distribution clocked at the speed of fast ensures the highest levels of security for your files traveling across our network

Save time and maximize your reach. Access to more retailers, libraries, and other channels so you can sell more titles and be more awesome.


Listen up! Your data has something to say.

When it comes to your sales reporting, being a ‘know it all’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Ingram makes it easy for CoreSource users to translate their content and inventory analytics so they can make the smartest business decisions.


For answers to all the right questions ask Ingram iQ:

  • Global view of your digital sales data
  • Built-in exception reporting
  • Complete inventory analysis
  • Mapped out regional data
  • Aggregate sales reports in specified currency


Custom Publishing

Looking for a simple way to increase your revenue without expanding a ton of energy? Why not use the content you already have? Why not use Ingram Construct? It really is that easy. And with the right tool, not only will you save time, but you’ll also maximize your content’s potential for the biggest returns.

A fast and scalable custom publishing option, Construct allows you to re-mix and re-use the content you already have to create endless opportunities.

The possibilities are endless, here are just a few to get you thinking:

Custom Trade Publications

  • Anthologies
  • Collections
  • Compilations

Custom Academic Publications

  • Custom texts
  • Restructured research journals
  • Compilations for exams

Self Published Ebooks and Print

There’s no reason self-publishers should have to make sacrifices in quality to publish both digital and print copies of their books. In our efforts to support the indie publishing community, Ingram Spark has made combining ebooks with print simple and affordable so you can give your readers the formats they want.

The same products and services enjoyed by big-time publishers all made easily accessible to the indie-publishing community:

  • Smart inventory management—no need to stock books
  • Simple title setup for both print and ebooks
  • Color books
  • Distribution on a global scale to 39,000+ retailers, libraries, and other channels

Self Published Ebooks and Print

Ebook Distribution

Place your ebooks in CoreSource, one of the most extensive digital distribution networks and see your revenue grow with your reach. Our ebook distribution platform is fully automated, allowing you to effortlessly connect with as many channels as possible while you concentrate on other tasks vital to your growth.

Whether you are a larger publisher with high volume or an indie publisher with less than 100 titles, full-service ebook distribution connects you to a world of new opportunities.

e-Textbook Integrations and More

Though the days of the 20 lb textbook aren’t behind us, we believe making the transition to digital education materials is a smart step in the right direction. Physical textbooks are still going strong (and we can help there too!) but digital is in high demand.

Through VitalSource, a leading educational technology company and the preferred choice among educational institutions and those who want to provide learning experiences that are technologically unrivaled and brilliantly simple, we offer customized, campus-wide digital publishing solutions designed to enrich the student learning experience through enhanced media services.

e-Textbook Integrations and More

Full-Service Distribution

Want to dedicate 100% of your time towards creating the best selection of books on the planet? With an ever-expanding network of partners—domestic and around the globe—Ingram Publisher Services gives you everything you need to optimize your publishing operations, from printing to worldwide distribution. Closer to you. Closer to your customers.

Indie Publishing Made Easy

The same services and tools enjoyed big house publishers, built for the independent publisher. Make the most of your masterpiece with IngramSpark.

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From authors to publishers, retailers to libraries, manufacturer to printers—if books are your passion, Ingram helps you keep the whole world reading.