Ingram iQ
Business Intelligence for
Digital Publishing

Add visibility and organization to your supply chain and discover more sales opportunities through data consolidation and automatic in-depth analysis.

Publishing Intelligence from Ingram

Data without analysis is just that, data. In a fast paced market you don’t have time to piece together this information yourself. You need to move with speed and agility, but also intelligence—enter Ingram iQ.

Comprehensive Sales Data

Ingram iQ offers a global view of your digital sales data in a way that makes sense.

  • See sales from all of your partners in one place.
  • Capture monthly and daily sales trends in real-time.
  • Consolidate industry-standard reports and export across your financial systems.

Intelligent Reporting

Ingram iQ has built in exception reporting giving you more control over pricing.

  • See if your titles are being sold at invalid prices.
  • Discover if pricing exceptions are creating profits or losses.
  • Pinpoint problem areas so you can take action.

Inventory Analysis

Ingram iQ adds transparency with complete inventory analysis and distribution statistics.

  • Check for titles distributed through CoreSource, but not currently available through retailers.
  • Find out if your titles are available at retailers, but shouldn’t be.
  • Always know your inventory and control operational costs.

Regional Targeted Sales

Ingram iQ offers regional data for targeted and informed sales strategies.

  • Maps show where your titles have been sold.
  • Cross-reference regional sales data and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Check pricing.

Currency Simplified

Ingram iQ converts to your chosen currency to simplify and consolidate sales reporting.

  • Receive reports in multiple currencies.
  • Normalize all currencies into the currency of your preference.
  • Quickly compare international retail prices and adapt.

Spend less time piecing together your data. Know what questions to ask and find more ways to increase your visibility across a global marketplace. Smart data for a smarter business model—Ingram iQ.

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