Convert Unrealized Title Sales

Identify the hidden gems in your backlist

Save Time on Data Analysis

Easily spot your titles’ daily correlations, trends, and performance

Prioritize Your Marketing Actions

Focus your marketing efforts on the most impactful titles

Expand Book Marketing Reach

Take advantage of new opportunities for continued sales growth


Marketing Insights Sparks Increase in Sales of Backlist Title

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Capture Consumer Interest

Make insightful changes to online title and author details based on new sales growth opportunities surfaced through Marketing Insights. 70+ data points monitored daily to track and analyze current activity and engagement across web, social, and retail channels.

  • Paid social media advertising suggestions
  • Tips on developing an audience

  • Book description improvement areas
  • Goodreads author page improvement ideas

  • Advice for Amazon author pages
  • Structural issues in book descriptions

  • Amazon bestseller rankings
  • Amazon pricing history
  • Active Goodreads members
  • Monthly Wikipedia pageviews

  • Direct link to your title’s format and stock availability on Amazon
  • Amazon 3rd party sellers with your title in stock

  • Date last won
  • Percentage loss in the last 30 days
  • Percentage loss in prior period
  • 3rd party pricing

Increase Consumer Engagement

Identify under-performing titles and execute more informed marketing decisions across your catalog with a centralized look into the latest online retail and social media analytics. Understand consumer demand to pinpoint titles that would benefit most from additional promotion within online and social channels.

  • The number of members “currently reading”
  • The number of members who “want to read” your title

  • The number of star ratings
  • The number of written reviews
  • Average star rating

  • Facebook engagement with Amazon product page link
  • Twitter engagement with Amazon product page link

  • Headline optimization
  • Cover image analysis
  • Description structure and formatting

  • Author bio template
  • Website recommendations for key author presence
  • Amazon author data

  • Keyword suggestions
  • Inbound and outbound marketing tips
  • Marketing activities scorecard

  • BISAC code guidelines
  • Full catalog data warehousing

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