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Capture Consumer Interest

Make insightful changes to online title and author details based on new sales growth opportunities surfaced through Marketing Insights. 70+ data points monitored daily to track and analyze current activity and engagement across web, social, and retail channels.

  • Paid social media advertising suggestions
  • Tips on developing an audience

  • Book description improvement areas
  • Goodreads author page improvement ideas

  • Advice for Amazon author pages
  • Structural issues in book descriptions

  • Amazon bestseller rankings
  • Amazon pricing history
  • Active Goodreads members
  • Monthly Wikipedia pageviews

  • Direct link to your title’s format and stock availability on Amazon
  • Amazon 3rd party sellers with your title in stock

  • Date last won
  • Percentage loss in the last 30 days
  • Percentage loss in prior period
  • 3rd party pricing

Increase Consumer Engagement

Identify under-performing titles and execute more informed marketing decisions across your catalog with a centralized look into the latest online retail and social media analytics. Understand consumer demand to pinpoint titles that would benefit most from additional promotion within online and social channels.

  • The number of members “currently reading”
  • The number of members who “want to read” your title

  • The number of star ratings
  • The number of written reviews
  • Average star rating

  • Facebook engagement with Amazon product page link
  • Twitter engagement with Amazon product page link

  • Headline optimization
  • Cover image analysis
  • Description structure and formatting

  • Author bio template
  • Website recommendations for key author presence
  • Amazon author data

  • Keyword suggestions
  • Inbound and outbound marketing tips
  • Marketing activities scorecard

  • BISAC code guidelines
  • Full catalog data warehousing


Studies show that over 50% of product searches begin on Amazon, making the retailer one of the top five largest search engines in terms of annual volume. This increase in volume has resulted in intense competition and changes to the sophistication of Amazon's algorithm for surfacing books. Luckily, there are clear pathways for structuring book information and positioning within the online retail catalog that will increase discoverability. Marketing Insights was designed to help identify which titles will benefit the most from optimization and provide practical insights and actions to take advantage of those opportunities. To read more about the ways web and social activity, metadata and online retail positioning impact discoverability, head over to our blog.

Marketing Insights provides visibility across the marketing funnel and helps you interpret dozens of signals and ranking factors that impact discovery and conversion at online channels and retailers such as Amazon. The data points we assess are proven leading and trailing indicators of sales performance—that is, they are highly correlated with and predictive of consumer sales (both online and off). See a list of the data we track here.

Marketing Insights currently tracks signals across the US and UK markets. Specifically, and Greater insights can be provided for optimization and positioning in both markets if titles are available. Additional fees apply when adding a second market.

Currently, Marketing Insights monitors signals from and (as well as consumer demand signals pointing from Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Goodreads). Other retailers will be added in future.

Marketing Insights is offered as a subscription, with fees tied to the number of titles tracked. One "title" counts as all formats tracked, so publishers can include both print and digital formats. There are no set-up fees and no support fees. Please contact for pricing details. (Note: Marketing Insights currently tracks signals against and It makes sense to track optimization and positioning in both markets if titles are available. Additional fees apply when adding a second market).

Most publishing organizations opt for broad access to Marketing Insights, including for those in sales, marketing, editorial, and metadata. Subscription fees are not tied to the number of users, and users can be added at any time.

In order to help publishing organizations succeed with Marketing Insights, clients can take advantage of:

  • Extensive help documentation and suggested best practices
  • Free drop-in Office Hours, available every Friday
  • Free Marketing Forums focused on practical techniques for marketing and selling online
  • One training/kick-off session for organizations with more than 500 titles tracked
  • Ingram’s support team

All types of publishers use this tool, from large trade organizations, to professional and academic publishers, university presses, education publishers, and small and independent presses.

While there is no required minimum, we would recommend tracking at least 50 titles in order to take full advantage of Marketing Insights.

While time spent in the tool varies, two primary user experiences are reported:

  1. Many users check Marketing Insights daily or a few times a week, to keep track of top moving titles, intercept problems quickly, and identify priority items. It's not uncommon for a user to favor a few key reports or data points, monitor those frequently, and then take action outside of the tool.
  2. Many users also download reports for analysis or pattern spotting, especially when looking across the list. All reports within Marketing Insights can be downloaded as Excel or CSV files.

Most publishing organizations track all titles, in all formats, since opportunities often surface across a broad range of titles. In those cases when a smaller list of titles is required, the recommendation is to select all titles with meaningful yearly sales volume at Amazon (for example, scholarly publishers may opt to exclude monographs).

Set-up is easy, and most publishers are up and running in 1-2 weeks. Publishers can provide a list of ISBNs to track, or for fastest implementation, opt for Marketing Insights to track all titles available in the Ingram database. Users are enabled once titles are tracked for a few days, in order to provide some historical data on first login.

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