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Eliminate & quarantine pirated content with the Link-Busters anti-piracy solution for publishers

$300 million in publisher income is lost annually as a result of online piracy; pirated books account for nearly 20 percent of all ebook downloads in some countries according to The Author’s Guild.

Fast & Effective

Ensure your work is protected to the fullest extent through proprietary technology that verifies piracy automatically and instantly issues take-down notices as well as link-removals from major search engines.

Robust, transparent reporting with actionable data

Live portal and/or emailed reports with real-time take-down results and information to help improve your business.

Customizable to your needs

Select which titles and level of protection are right for your business.

How It Works:

  • Link-Busters scans and quickly removes or quarantines links to pirated copies on search engines, removing illegal files on file sharing and torrent sites where possible.
  • Quick removal or quarantining of pirated copies prevents exponential spread and reduces the opportunity for consumers to interact with pirated content.
  • Consumers are organically led only to legal channels to access your content.
  • Sales potential and marketing impact increases, and authors are reassured their work is kept protected.

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About Link-Busters

Founded in 2009, Link-Busters' anti-piracy service is trusted by world-leading publishers, authors, and creatives. Link-Busters’ technology quickly detects infringing content across the web, subsequently disrupting the digital piracy ecosystem, providing sales protection, as well as optimizing marketing for authors and their titles. Representing clients in Trade, STM and academic publishing, and protecting some of the world’s bestselling works, publishers can rest assured their content is protected to the fullest extent.