What is BOLT Pricing?

Perfectly Matched to the Print on Demand Model and Your Business Needs

Similar to a loyalty program, opt-in Book Long-Term (BOLT) Pricing is designed to help publishers get the most out of print on demand by providing incrementally increasing printing discounts over the long-term.

How Does BOLT Pricing Work?

  1. You are placed into a discounting tier based on your previous year’s total order volume (i.e. volume across all of your titles).
  2. During that term, the more units you order, per title, the bigger your discount becomes on those titles.
  3. At the end of the term, your new total order volume is again calculated to determine your tier for the following term.

The good news: Order volumes for each title carry over every term to determine your title-level discount. That means you don’t have to start from scratch each term on individual title discounts.

The Big Benefit

You don’t have to order huge quantities all at once to get the best discount. We keep track of your units printed and reward your loyalty with long-term, incremental increases on order discounts.

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