CoreSource Direct Distribution Partners

Access our growing selection of retail, library and discovery channel partners from around the world.

CoreSource provides digital distribution to more than 450 global channel partners

Access these partners while managing all your digital assets and direct distribution from one place, ensuring your content and metadata is up-to-date, available, and optimized for sale.

Supply Chain Visibility

450+ Channels

Metadata Standardization

Dedicated Security

Available Direct Distribution Partners


1000 Cookbooks (United States)

10ofThose (United States)

123Doc (United Kingdom)

24symbols (Spain)

36L Books (Spain)

7Switch (United Kingdom)


Abantu - Audio (United States)

ABE (Poland)

ABE-IPS (United States)

Abril Digital (Brazil)

AcademicPub (United States)

Access Copyright (Canada)

AccessText Network(United States)

ACLS Humanities (United States)

ACM Digital (United States)

AddLibra (United States)

Aggregion (Russia)

Alexander Street Press (United States)

Alexi (United States)

Alfabook (Italy)

Amazon (United States)

American West Books (United States)

Apabi (China)

APD Singapore (Singapore)

Apollo (United States)

Apple® (United States)

ArcBooks (United States)

Arkadas (Turkey)

Asia Books (Thailand)

Association of Computing Machinery (United States)

Attano (India)

Attributor (United States)

Audible (France)

Audible (United States)

Audiofile Magazine (United States)

AudioGo (United Kingdom)

Audiolib (Audio) (United Kingdom)


Backflip Technologies/iFlipd (United States)

Backstage Library Works (United States)

Baker & Taylor Blio (United States)

Barbour (United Kingdom)

Bardowl (United Kingdom)

Barnes & Noble (United States)

Beam-ebooks (Germany)

Biblesoft (United States)

Bibliocommons (United States)

Bibliographic Data Services (United Kingdom)

Bibliolive (United Kingdom)

BiblioRossica (Russia)

Bibliotechnia (Mexico)

Bibliotheca (United States)

Big Universe (United States)

Binario Libros (Spain)

BingeBooks (United States)


Blinklist (Germany)

Bolinda (Australia)

Book D’Oreille Audio (United States)

Bookbub (United States)

BookGlutton (United States)

Bookish (Australia)

Bookish (United States)

Bookmanager (Canada)

Bookmate/Random Access Media (United Kingdom)

BookNet Biblioshare (Canada)

BookRadar (United States)

BookRepublic (Italy)

BookRiff (United States)

Books 24x7 (United States)

Books-a-Million (United States)

Books-Express (Romania)

Bookshare (United States)

Bookshop Krisostomus (Estonia)

BookSource (United States)

BookWire (Germany)

Bowker (United States)

Brain Hive (United States)

Buku (The Netherlands)

Byblio (United Kingdom)


Califa (United States)

Campus E-books (Canada)

Canadian Electronic Library (Canada)

Casa Del Libro (Spain)

Catalist (United States)

CatholicBrain (United States)

CBOnline (The Netherlands)

Chapitre (France)

Chapters - Audio (Denmark)

Chegg (United States)

Chimes (United Kingdom)

Christian Book Distributors (United States)

Ciando (Germany)

Cinram (United States)

ckbk (United Kingdom)

CLOCKSS – Standford (United States)

CNPIEC (China)

Coherent Digital (United States)

Cokesbury (United States)

Command Digital (United States)

Complete Book & Media Supply (United States)

Copia (United States)

Copyright Licensing Agency (United Kingdom)

CourseLoad (United States)

Covenant/ (United States)

Creation Today (United States)

Creation Worldview Ministries (United States)

Credo Reference (United States)

Cupid’s Books (United States)

Cyberlibris (France)


Datalore Inc. (Barbados)

DemandMedia (United States)

DeVry (United States)

Diaz de Santos (Spain)

Diesel (United States)

Digimarc (United States)

Digitpub SRL (Italy)

DiViBib GmBH (Germany)

DMC/ (United States)

DNL (Australia)

DocCheck (United States)

Douglas County Libraries (United States)

DownloadIT (United States)

Dragonfly FM (China)

DTI (Canada)


e-Libro (United States)

e-Sentral (Malaysia) (Germany)

eBookMalleBookPie (United States) (Australia) EBL (Australia) (Spain)

eBookShop (Australia)

EBSCO (United States) (United States)

eCarrel (United States)

eChristian (United States)

EdTech Software LLC (United States)

Educess (South Africa)

eKitabu (Africa)

Elisa (Audio) (Finland)

Ellibs (Finland) (United States)

Epic! Creations Inc. (United States)

Eramus (Italy)

eReatah—formerly oEbra (United States) (Portugal)

Examville (United States)

ExLibris (Italy)

ExLibris Primo (United States)

Experal Company Ltd (Vietnam)


Fable (United States)

Facts on File (United States)

Feedbooks (France)

Firsty Carribean (United States)

Firsty Works (United Kingdom)

Five Senses Education (Australia)

Flooved (United Kingdom)

Funzi (Finland)


Gale (United States)

Gardners (United Kingdom)

Glassboxx - Audio (United Kingdom)

Glose/Reaad Inc (France)

Google Play (United States)

Grand Canyon (United States)

Groupees (United States)


Hachette Livre (France)

Hanbit (South Korea)

Haufe Discovery Gmbh (Germany)

Hoopla/Midwest Tape (United States)

Hummingbird Digital Media (United States)

Hyuana (Barbados)


Iberpixel (Spain)

iDisciple App (United States)

iFlipd/Backflip Technologies (United States)

iGroup (China)

IHS (United States)

Immateriel (France)

Impelsys (India)

Inkhorn Press (India)

Integra (United States)

Isaak Books Ltd (United States)

Isabella (United States)

iScroll (United States)


JB Hi Fi (Australia)

Jelly Books (United Kingdom)

Jookie (Belgium)

JSTOR (United States)

Juggernaut (India)

JW Pepper (United States)


K12 (United States)

Kaplan (United States)

Kinnopy (Japan)

Kinokuniya (Japan)

Kno (United States)

Knovel (United States)

Kobo (Canada)

Koorong (Australia)

Kortext (United Kingdom)


Laleo (Mexico)

Lazy Job (Audio) (Hong Kong)

LearnOutLoud (United States)

Legible (United States)

Liberia International Chile (Chile)

Library Ideas (United States)

Library Pass (United States)

Library Sales (Sebco Books) (United States)

Libri (Germany)

Librisite (Mexico)

Libstor (United Kingdom)

LifeWay WORDsearch (United States)

Lightning Source (United States)

LightSail (United States)

Linkbusters metadata only (The Netherlands)

Litres (Russia)

Lix (The Netherlands)

Load2Learn (United States)

Login Canada (Canada)

Logos (United States)

LSL (German) (United States)


Macaw (United States)

Mackin Library Media (United States)

Magzter (United States)

Majesty Media Group/ (United States)

Marketing Library (United States)

Maxx Content – ebook metadata and files (United States)

MBS Books Xplana (United States)

Media Control CEEBO (Germany)

Media Plus Branding (Pty) Limited (Australia)

Media Saturn/Juke Entertainment (Germany)

Mediander/ (United Kingdom)

Mensys (The Netherlands)

Midwest Tape/Hoopla (United States)

MintbookMonergism (United States)

Moji (United States)

MPH Online (United States)

My Bib (Pty) Ltd - Audio (South Africa)

My Song Media (United Kingdom)


National Textbook Services (United States)

Netgalley (United States) - Audio

Netline (United States)

NewBooks (United States)

Numilog (France)


Oak Tree Bible Software (United States)

Odilo (United States)

OLF (Switzerland)

OliveTree (United States)

On The Dot (South Africa)

OverDrive (United States)

Ovid-Formax (United States)

Oyster (United States)


Paddle (United Kingdom)

Page Foundry (United States)

Pan World General Trading LLC (United Arab Emirates)

Papertrell (India)

Papertrell Audio (India)

PDH Streamlined (United States)

Pearson Korea (KEPUB) (Korea)

Pender Music Co. (United States)

Perlego (United Kingdom)

Perusall – Audio (United States)

PlayAway (United States)

Pocketbook (United Kingdom)

Porta Editora/Wook (Portugal)

Portico (United States)

Powells (United States)

Premier Audiobooks (United States)

Premiere Collectibles (United States)

Press Reader (United States)

Project Muse/UPCC (United States)

ProQuest (United States)

ProQuest Serials Solutions Summons/Ebrary (United States)

PT Gramedia Digital Nusantara (Indonesia)

Pubbles (United States)

Publidisa (Spain)

Publisher Licensing Society (United Kingdom)

PUBlizard (United States)

PubMatch (United States)

PubMed Central (United States)


Qbend (United States)

Quad Graphics (United States)

Quantified Reading - Audio (Spain)

Questia (United States)


RallyReader (United States)

Read How You Want (Australia)

ReadCloud (Australia)

ReaderBound (United States)

RedShelf/Virdocs (United States)

Redwing (United States)

Reference Tree (United Kingdom)

Research & Markets (Ireland)

Rethink Books (United States)

RIIDR (Denmark)

Rittenhouse - R2 (United States)

Rockstand/RockASAP (India)

Royalty Share (United States)


SAE International (United States)

Safari (United States)

SAPNet (South Africa)

Saraiva (Brazil)

Savant Learning Systems (United States)

SBS Special Book ServiceScholar’s Portal (Canada)

SciVerse Scopus (United States)

Scope (United States)

Scribd (United States)

SerialBox (United States)

SharedBook (United States)

Shaw Academy (United States)

Shulph (United Kingdom)

Simplissimus Book Farm (Italy)

Simply Audiobooks (United States)

SIPX (United States)

Skybrite (United States)

Small Demons (United States) (Japan)

Solon – ebook metadata (Germany)

SONY (Japan)

Specialty Toys Network (United States)

Spoken Ink (United Kingdom)

SpoonRead (United States)

Starke/Booxtra (Germany)

StoryBundle (United States)

Storytel (United States)

Studieboeken (Germany)

StudyStore (The Netherlands)

Superfonik - Audio (United States)


T-Base (United States)

Tanum (Norway)

TEA – The eBook Alternative (France)

Tecarta (United States)

Teton Music (United States) (United States)

Textunes (Germany)

Thomson Reuters (United States)

Times Distribution (United States)

Tomely (Australia)

Total Boox (Israel)

TotallyEntwined (United Kingdom)

Tradebit (United States)


Universe Digital Library (United States)

University of Washington (United States)

University Readers (United States)

UP4B (United States)


Valobox (United Kingdom)

Vearsa (United Kingdom)

Versita (United Kingdom)

Vi-Da Global/ Bajalibros/com (Costa Rica)

Viope (United States)

VitalSource (United States)

VUB – ebook (Germany)


Weightless Books (United States)

Wessmans (Sweden)

Wheelers (New Zealand)

Wheelers Audio (New Zealand)

Willo Labs (United States)

Wook/Porta Editora (Portugal)

Word Australia (Australia)

WordBooks (United States)

World Reader (United States)

WTS (United States)


XAMOnline (United States)

Xanedu (United States)

Xeriph (Brazil)

Xlibrio Inc. (United States)


YouScribe (France)


Zinio (United States)

Zola (United States)

Zona eBooks (Spain)

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