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No matter where you are in your workflow – creating, managing, distributing, or selling – we have a solution to help simplify the process and improve your revenue.

Digital Distribution


Manage all your digital assets and direct distributions from our CoreSource platform. Ensure your content is up-to-date, available, and optimized for sale.

CoreSource Plus (Ebook & Audio)

Eliminate contract negotiation, consolidate reporting and expand your global reach with CoreSource Plus. Automate distribution of content to a large network of leading ebook and audio partners.

Conversion Services

Convert your titles into industry-standard digital formats to ensure they are available to the right distribution channels.

Online Discoverability & Sales

Smarter Metadata Enhancement

Increase the discoverability and sales potential of your titles with expert analysis and improvement of key metadata points.

Consumer Marketing Insights

Ensure your whole list is working at full capacity to get discovered and bought. Get recommended actions to uncover high-value opportunities with retailers like Amazon & more.

Aerio Previews

Use our direct-to-consumer platform Aerio to generate digital book previews. Use previews to improve conversions, capture consumer emails and drive book sales.

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