Introducing Ingram Complete

Sell More Books Globally

Simplify adding more international sales with Ingram Complete, a new Lighting Source membership. Qualifying customers are automatically connected to over 39,000 retailers, resellers, and libraries across the globe, leaving plenty of time to focus on creating excellent content and perfecting marketing plans.

The Benefits

Our mission is to see your new books in the hands of more readers.
To help you along the way we offer the following support:

Offer Benefits
FREE Title Set-Up with Pre-Publication Date
Scheduled 3 Months Prior
Most retailers buy books a season ahead. Setting a pre-publication date helps you capture additional orders during these buying cycles, while gaining valuable time for marketing your book while. Setting a pre-publication date also adds your titles for consideration into Ingram Advance UK, circulating to 1,000+ bookstores in the UK.
FREE Set-Up on Orders of 50 Copies or More Have copies at hand for reviews and promotional purposes.
FREE First Revision Errors happen. Members get one complimentary revision/change to file per title. Applies to new titles only, per acceptance into Ingram Complete.
FREE Set-up on Case/Hardback Editions* Save money on getting both hardback and paperback editions ready in time for publication.

*This offer is applicable to any frontlist title with a publication date set earlier than the date you load the title. We encourage you to provide a pre-publication date to allow time to market the book whilst we record any pre-orders on your behalf.

Educational Tutorials to Help Grow Your Business Access to a growing library of educational tools to support and help you avoid common pitfalls—Visit to learn more.
Inclusion in the BOLT program BOLT is a new pricing model that allows customers to earn long term volume discounts on Short Run orders, based on their total order patterns.

Ingram Complete Eligibility

There are three steps to becoming eligible for Ingram Complete.

Step One

If you joined Lightning Source before February 2015 we advise you sign the Lightning Source Global Agreement.

Step One

Pricing must be added to all of your titles in U.S. Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euros, and Australian Dollars. We also highly recommend adding Global Connect pricing for as many titles, in as many markets as you can.

Step One

All titles must be enabled for distribution. This ensures that your titles are made available to the thousands of retailers, resellers, and libraries in our global network.

Once you have completed these steps for all of your titles, you can begin the application process. The sooner you apply; the sooner you can start taking
advantage of all those Ingram Complete benefits.

For more information, check out our FAQ or email us at

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