Ingram Complete Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ingram Complete different to Lightning Source?

Ingram Complete is a membership service within your Lightning Source account. You keep your account number and all other support & services.

How much does it cost to be in Ingram Complete?

Providing you meet the criteria, Ingram Complete is a free service within your existing Lightning Source account.

How do I know I meet the criteria?

To qualify we ask that all your titles with Lightning Source benefit from our global distribution reach of 39,000 retailers globally. To achieve this, you must have your books priced in all markets - Australian Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling, and US Dollars. The more markets we connect your books to, the better the chances are of Ingram Lightning Source capturing sales on your behalf.

I don’t hold the legal rights in all markets

All we ask is that you make your books available in all markets, where you hold the rights. If you don’t hold the legal rights in a particular market, discuss this with your account manager. In this instance, your account manager will review your account and if all other conditions are met, they will apply on your behalf via our override approval process..

How is it free to set-up a title?

You will be provided with your own personal code that you apply when you set-up your titles. Whilst you are charged initially for set-up, we refund these charges when 50+ copies ships from our facility. You can find a video link below that walks you through the process, step by step: You can also apply the code to receive free set-up when you upload a title with a On-Sale Date (Pre-Publication Date) 3 or more months in the future.

What is the Global Distribution Fee (GDF)?

Previously named the Market Access Fee, or Digital Catalog / Catalogue Fee, this enables your books to be connected to 39,000 retailers, globally. If you are a member of Ingram Complete the GDF is waived completely for the lifetime on all new titles uploaded between June 1st and September 1st 2018, and then for the first year on any titles uploaded after September 1st (currently $12, per title, per year or £7 + VAT in the UK & €8 across Europe). If you require any further information, please discuss this with your account manager.

I cannot see the markets that you are asking me to price my titles - Why?

There are two steps that you must take. Firstly, you must either sign the regional contracts — for example Australia, or sign the Lightning Source Global Agreement that connects you automatically to all markets. Once you have done this, you can then price your books in all markets (Australian Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling, and US Dollars). Complete two simple steps & you are connected to the global supply chain of books.

Is the Global Agreement the same as Global Connect?

No – Global Connect refers to our extended distribution & print partners in markets across India, Poland & Brazil, to name but a few. Whilst we strongly recommend that you sign-up to all Global Connect agreements, this is not part of the criteria for Ingram Complete. The Global Agreement simply makes it easier for you to price your titles in all Ingram controlled channels, saving you the time of signing each and every regional contract.