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What Will You Find on ipage®?

Robust title listings featuring all the information pertinent to making smart business decisions:

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Why Choose ipage®?

Outstanding global wholesale services. One simple to use platform.

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On all GBP orders

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Most formats in 2 to 5 days

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Over 14 million options

*Free shipping applies to titles priced and ordered in GBP and covers deliveries to UK addresses.

Deliver customers the books they want, right when they want them.

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Got an ipage® account already, but can’t order in GBP?

If you’re a UK bookseller, or a retailer based outside the UK that trades in Pounds Sterling and you have an ipage account, make sure you have access to millions of titles priced in GBP with free shipping on a single copy to any UK address, including UK-based freight forwarders.

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Is ipage® Compatible with Batch?

Yes, ipage is now integrated with Batch Ltd’s Batch Payments service, allowing you to consolidate your ipage invoices with those from other suppliers.

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