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Choosing the right model for your needs

At Lightning Source, we offer a print and distribution model for every publisher, every title and every situation. Because these are complete vertical integration models, a single communication drives the production process all the way to order fulfillment. Provide us with the quantity and the destination and we’ll handle all the necessary details.

Print to Order (Wholesale, Distribution)

With print to order, the traditional model is turned upside down by selling titles on a publisher’s behalf and paying the publisher the wholesale price of the book, less print costs for each book sold through the largest network of distribution partners. Using your ISBNs as identifiers, we print as orders are received from wholesalers, retailers or consumers so you’re never out of stock of a desired book.


Ingram Distribution Channel

Lightning Source will make your titles available through Ingram Book Group, a leader in print and electronic wholesale and distribution serving over 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools, internet commerce companies and other channel partners including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo (Canada), and other well-known retailers and wholesalers of books.

Ingram makes your title available through electronic feeds to their distribution network. Book orders are placed by Ingram's customers and ordered by Ingram from Lightning Source. For sales made through Wholesale Distribution, publishers are paid the wholesale price of the book less the printing charge for each book sold.


Lightning Source UK Ltd. Distribution Partners


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