Complete fulfillment services

You can also reduce overhead by authorizing Lightning Source to function as your fulfillment house. We can even apply your shipping labels, becoming your invisible partner in getting orders to customers.

Minimized returns and pulping

Because every book is a wanted book, your returns are minimal and the need for pulping is virtually eliminated. It saves you cash and allows you to become more "green" as a publisher.

Revival of backlist sales

Once demand of a title diminishes, it typically goes out of print, thus ending its life of profitability. With LIGHTNING® print on demand & distribution services, your titles are always considered in-print and immediately available so you never miss a sale. Our model also allows you to affordably offer your books in large-print, additional languages or other versions, expanding your sales on titles already in your catalog.

Access to the world's largest distribution channel

No other distribution channel connects you to more wholesalers, retailers and booksellers than Lightning Source, plus our Internet relationships make easy for book buyers to find your titles.

Improved inventory control; reduced overhead

If you’re like most publishers, your operating budget is stretched further than ever. But what if you cut the cost of printing, inventory and warehousing from your budget? A growing number of publishers are doing just that with Lightning Source.

Instead of paying for printing, we’ll pay you each time we manufacture and ship a title from your catalog—but that’s only one of the many revolutionary benefits of our solution.

Reduce costs

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