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What is MarkMonitor?

MarkMonitor is a leadingcontent protection platform. Powered by advanced technology and thorough data analysis and extensive expertise, MarkMonitor works with CoreSource to fight and defend against the illegal sale and use of your content.

How MarkMonitor Works


Smart searching based on consumer
habits to locate copyrighted material

100% compliance with domestic
and international evidence
collection procedures


Access to enforcement tools from major hosts to expedite takedown requests
Immediate takedown and confirmation
tools from top commercial providers,
plus search engine removal


Thousands of internet host
contacts useful for monitoring and reporting on notice compliance

25,000 commercial hosts,
1,000+ contacts


Graphical reports of scan and enforcement data to fine-tune your online strategies
and tactics against piracy

A Flexible Anti-Piracy Approach

  • Websites
  • Market Places
  • Search Engines
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Apps
  • P2P/ File Sharing
  • Email

A Bulletproof Anti-Piracy Strategy
Protection is a top priority, but MarkMonitor goes a level deeper with data and analytics that inform your strategy for a total anti-piracy solution.

Getting Started
CoreSource publishers can choose from three different tiers of enforcement: Priority, Basic, and Catalog. To qualify you need:

  • up to 1200 titles in your content catalogue
  • 20 title minimum required to enroll in the service

eBook sales are growing; so is the technology that makes your content vulnerable. Get serious about content security.

If you have questions or want additional information, contact your account rep.

The Landscape of Piracy is Changing